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    when using featured image with title and excerpt to load into a portfolio page…

    1) can we have title only (not excerpt)


    2) how do we modfiy how much excerpt shows or not. i am trying ti simulate a single portfolio page that when clicked goes to the “portolfio post” with the video on it so users can view work. the excerpts are at time too long on the main portfolio page. when i tried to gnerate info using caption, it overtook the lower third of the image.


    re: portfolio set up. i am currently creating portfolio entries that have a featured image (to be the thumbnail on the main portfolio page) and also have the video embedded on the portfolio entry post. (bc i want people to click on the main page to read more about the project as they watch it.

    1)is there a way to use the featured image as the thumbnail for the main portfolio view and not have it be top and so large in the entry?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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