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    The portfolio view on the homepage ( – video row, lower section), and the media page (, now show the videos stacked on top of one another. The products are appearing correctly, but not the portfolio videos.

    Recently updated WP to 3.5.

    How can I fix this?



    Hey bchalker,

    Whenever you update WordPress you should definitely check and see if there is an update to your themes and plugins. In this case, Propulsion is up to version 1.7 and you are still running 1.3.2 which may explain the issues you are getting with the portfolio.

    You can download the updated theme files from Themeforest from your Downloads and install the theme in the same way you first installed it.

    If you’ve made any changes to the theme files directly, just make sure to back those up so you can re-apply them after the update.




    ahhh – dang. noob mistake, sorry :)


    Let us know if that doesn’t fix the issue. Just in case there is something else causing a conflict (a plugin or something like that).



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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