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    hi there,

    i want to show a video in the portfolio section of

    i entered the url in the post in the 3rd line and nothing happened. then i entered the image link in the second line and you can see the image that is now linked to the vimeo url:

    however 2 problems occured:

    1. the hover icon doesn’t change to the play button

    2. the video is not opened in the fancy box

    if you click the link alone fancybox works fine. what can we do about this little problem?

    best regards



    Hi thomas,

    It looks like there might be some javascript conflicts with one of the plugins you have running. Try disabling the plugins you have running then testing the issue. You can then re-enable each plugin one by one to find which one was causing the problems.




    hi devin, well i use the easy fancybox plugin for showing the pictures.

    whenever i use the vimeo url as the picture the box image will get relinked with lightbox.

    but it should be fancybox.

    i checked the first portfolio picture with firebug and it says:


    it should be:


    somewhere it the theme there must be a line of code where you can change this.

    please let me know where?

    best regards



    i also like to know how to give the image the class “video” when it’s linked to any vimeo video, so i can adjust the hover icon.

    right now it will get “fancybox-vimeo” via the easy fancybox plugin but somehow the line:

    if(jQuery(this).hasClass('fancybox-vimeo')) $newclass = 'lightbox_video';

    doesn’t work in the custom.js




    okay i managed to get the video box opened by fancybox.

    in the display/framework/helper_functions/kriesi_build_image.php i changed line 43 from

    $lightbox = $option['lightbox'] != '' ? 'rel="lightbox['.$option['lightbox'].']"' : '';


    $lightbox = $option['lightbox'] != '' ? 'rel="fancybox"' : '';

    and then i changed the display/js/custom.js in line 10 from

    my_lightbox("a[rel^='prettyPhoto'], a[rel^='lightbox']");


    my_lightbox("a[rel^='prettyPhoto'], a[rel^='lightbox'], a[rel^='fancybox']");

    now every picture and video is opened by fancybox and you still got the cool hover effect.

    but i need help for the icon change.

    best regards thomas


    Hi Thomas,

    My javascript is a little weak so I’ve flagged the topic to be looked at by another support member as I’m not sure what the js you added above isn’t taking effect to give the modified hover icon.




    okay devin,

    looking foward to read from another staff member.

    best regards




    Maybe you for got to add the “fancybox-vimeo” to the vimeo video link? Try to use another class (eg vimeo only) and see if this fixes the issue.




    hey dude,

    if(jQuery(this).hasClass('vimeo')) $newclass = 'lightbox_video';

    doesn’t work either. could it be that the picture that links to vimeo has also parentclass ‘portfolio_entry’ which gets the powerpoint symbol and won’t allow to activate the video icon?

    is display creating a vimeo class by itself for the links or do i have to change this manually?

    and if so where?

    best regards




    Yes, you need to add the vimeo class manually. Search for the video link in your content and add


    to the a href element.

    Best regards,



    hey dude,

    it’s not a link in the content (if so i wouldn’t have asked you) but a vimeo link that i put into the display custom line of a post called

    Full Size Picture or Video for Lightbox

    i cannot add any class there or if i do so the display framework would not realize this.

    so there must be another solution.

    best regards



    any news?


    hey dude,

    i thought about the issue, maybe display itself can give the picture of the portfolio a special class. whenever it’s linked to a video.

    the custom.js uses a backfall, whenever there is no class it’s showing a video hover. well in my case this is not working because the parent class is still “powerpoint”, so it will get that hover icon.

    with fancy box the feature picture of all video links gets the class “fancybox-vimeo” but i am not sure when this class is given. maybe it’s after the hover icon is layered from the custom.js so all the codelines concerning this class won’t work.

    that’s why i think, the best solution is to create a class “video” for the pictures whenever an external videolink is entered in the feature picture section and than put the hovercode after the one for the powerpointicons. so all youtube, vimeo, … get the same class and hover icon.

    but i don’t know where to change this in the theme. please help.

    best regards



    hey dude,

    i solved the problem with a trick.

    to activate the hover icon i add the following line into the custom.js:

    if(jQuery(this).attr('href').indexOf('vimeo') > 0) $newclass = 'lightbox_video';
    if(jQuery(this).attr('href').indexOf('youtu') > 0) $newclass = 'lightbox_video';

    works like a charm for vimeo and youtube videos.

    but i have to say that this time the support was not very impressive and took very long.

    it won’t hurt telling me that you guys don’t have a fast solution but you are working on it.

    i hope this is not beginning to be the normal situation.

    all my best




    I’m sorry to hear that but to be honest I considered this question “beyond the scope of this support forum” and I it had low priority for me.

    Best regards,


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