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    I am using the Dark Skin of Avisio and have set the background color to black (#000000). My page and post titles are fine, but the titles to my portfolio entries and the Additional Headlines for the pages are very difficult to read. Is there a way to make these a lighter grey like the post and page titles?


    Also, for some reason Style 1/2/3 are no longer showing up in my editor. I can only access style.css. Any idea why this may be so?


    You can modify the headerline color in your style1/2/3.css The files aren’t displayed by WordPress because it only displays certain files (i.e. main stylesheet) and nothing else.

    Please search for h1,h2,h3,h4, your style1/2/3.css and change the color attribute there.

    The Dude


    I tried this to the best of my ability (rather new to this), but didn’t see any results. I think the problem is because I can’t see my Style1/2/3.css. I am only working in style.css. Would this change all of them (kinda like a master i guess) or is that not the case at all?


    You need to modify style1/2/3.css offline and upload it via ftp (Filezilla) afterwards. Editing style.css doesn’t help – css works like a stack – you overwrite “old” code with new code – so if you declare a color attribute in style.css style1/2/3.css will overwrite your declaration/code.


    I am unable to find the line to edit. I have changed what I believe to be the correct h1,h2,h3,h4,etc but am not seeing the changes. I am seeing changes in some places, but cannot find where to edit the portfolio title when viewing the portfolio mainpage (with all projects on it). Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks



    Unless you’ve modified style3.css you should find the h3 colour which affects the portfolio titles on around line 263 and should look like this:

    h3, h3 a, h4, h4 a, h5, h5 a, h6, h6 a, strong {

    Let me know how you get on.



    I made this change and was unsuccessful. I also set the theme to minimal and tried to update in style2 and did not see any changes. I am not sure what the problem is. This is just about all i have left to finish this site! Any other thoughts?



    What did you change the colour to?

    What’s the site URL?



    Trying to change the color to white and the url is



    The main titles appear in red for current page and white for other pages. If you don’t see this clear your cache and refresh or try on another computer.

    You do however have a problem with the description text on hover, in the options page you’ve added this custom CSS:

    div a, div a:hover{color: #000000; }

    You need to be more specific with the CSS to fix this or add this just after the code above:

    .nav li a:hover { color: #FFFFFF; }

    Obviously feel free to change #FFFFFF (white) to any other colour if you prefer.



    James, thanks for the fix there. The hover issue is now fixed, but my main problem is on the “Projects” page which I am using the portfolio template here. All of the titles for the projects are showing up black and unable to read them. Sorry for being a pain.



    In the Colour Options (under Appearance > Background), you’ve set the colour to #000000 (black).

    Removing this setting will fix the titles :)



    James, thanks for the help and pointing out the easy fix there. Had to do a little modifying but I got it to work finally. Thanks for all the help with this project.

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