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    I’m either unable to find a thread or from what I see, this question has not yet been answered yet. How do I customize thumbnails in my image gallery?

    It seems* that to it correctly, you go into Portfolio Items > Choose your Item > Edit Image and save your alternate cropping as thumbnail only and save as you progressively exit, however this isn’t actually changing anything (thumbnail or uploaded gallery item). I’ve reset my cookies and cache and no change in imagery yet if I go back into the Portfolio Items > Edit Image, the save went through and changes the thumbnail there (dashboard, not website).

    Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong? Thank you for your assistance.


    yes please, I’m also interested in this, I want my thumbnails to be the full image , not cropped to a detail of it.


    The only way around it that I know of is if you go to theme settings -> layout settings -> and where it says slideshow behavior on overview pages – change that to the last option “display only single images…except for first one”

    After you do that, you can simply upload a closeup of your image and place it as the first entry in the slideshow, and have your desired image as the 2nd entry in the slideshow.

    That way, it will take the 1st image closeup and generate a closeup thumbnail out of that, but it will never display it when you click into the item because it’s set to never show the 1st entry.

    Make sense?


    Thanks realmisr for helping us out.

    The thumbnails are generated automatically by WP and you can’t edit them manually. However you can use the workaround realmisr posted above. All images are scaled to the required thumbnail size (and if necessary WP center crops them too).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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