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    Hi Team !

    I’ve set a custom height and width to the slideshow in :



    But now, the thumbnails for my portfolio take this size as they got the class .slideshow…

    How can I fix this ?



    The class modified is .slideshow_container,

    not .slideshow.

    Here is the page :


    Hi Anothony,

    The changes you make in functions.php just change the size of the image that gets generated. The classes and containers all throughout the site will still decide how large an image is in any given situation.

    So for that page you’ve linked, you’ve set the slideshow_container to 600px but that is still inside the inner-entry container, which is inside the one_third grid.

    You’ll need to modify the grid if you want to expand the size of the thumbnail. Keep in mind however that if you alter the grid it alters the grid wherever it is used.

    Have you tried setting that portfolio to use a 2 column layout instead of 3 columns? It will (at the very least) give you larger images for that page.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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