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    Either there is an issue with the Portfolio options not working or we have not followed the instructions properly in terms of setting up the Portfolio template to appear on pages we want. Despite adding images etc, the Portfolio template is not pulling through any imagery whatsoever – please see this page http://floorworks.co.uk/porfolio/gallery/


    Is the gallery page using the Portfolio page template (or have you selected in the options panel)?

    Have you tried installing the dummy content to see how everything works there (use a separate test installation if it’s easier than using the existing one)?


    Hi James

    I am having the exact same problem as floorworks and for the life of me I cant figure out whats wrong

    I have imported t the dummy txt -followed and gone through the instructions..and cant figure out what I am doing wrong


    My portfolio page is using the portfolio page template

    I have the Portfolio page setup correctly in the options panel (4 columns sortable)

    I tried every configuration

    Any help is appreciated

    thank in advance



    I “think” I have figured out the problem..it was a plugin

    Ths theme doesnt seem to like a lot of plugins on WP 301

    I just deactivated ALL of them and started from scratch

    I am still having some issues but hopefully I cant figure them out

    I have over 150 pages of content and imagery to add so I am going to be at this for awhile

    I may be back ;)




    @lerosia: Did you have it working using the dummy content?

    Best regards,



    I am still having issues, I don’t have any plug-ins activated.

    When I tried to update to version 3.01, it failed, not sure whether this is anything to do with it although it should I guess it should be running on the previous version anyway.

    Looking for help here?




    Hey Andrew,

    Sorry to hear you’re still having problems. :(

    Did the update to WP 3.0.1 fail or is this an issue with the theme / portfolio template? What error message (if any) do you get?

    If the WP update failed, files may be missing / corrupt (where part of a file uploaded). The safest way to fix this is to download the latest version from http://wordpress.org/download and upload using FTP / SFTP.

    Let me know what’s going on.




    To create a portfolio, I did the following.

    Create a new page with a title, no content and choose “Portfolio” as the template on the right hand side.

    Go into the portfolio items menu and create a new category for your portfolio. Add a new portfolio item, give it a title and some content. Click on “Featured Image” down the right hand side at the bottom and give it a featured image of size around 575×268 (pixels). Make sure that your portfolio item is in the category you created earlier. Publish your entry and create another if required.

    Go into Avisio Options, click on Portfolio Options and select the page you want to show for “Portfolio 1” (choose the Portfolio page you created earlier). Next select the display option, I choose 4 column count sortable for my portfolio. Choose how many entries and finally select the category you created earlier for the portfolio.

    Save the changes and it all should be working fine.

    I have two portfolio’s on my site using two different portfolio templates and it works really well!



    I am also using WP 3.01 with the following plugins…

    All in one SEO


    Contact form 7

    Duplicate Posts

    Google XML Sitemaps

    No Revisions

    Sexy Bookmarks

    Smart YouTube


    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for this, I followed your instructions to the letter and found that when you get to the last bit eg the Portfolio page options in the Avisio Options, the options you describe do not appear.

    Instead the only options that are present are as follows;

    “Portfolio Options

    When clicking on a Portfolio Image what should happen?

    Big Image opens in Lightbox – or

    Show Portfolio Single Post”

    Herein lies the issue????



    Interesting, can you set up a WP admin account and email the details to support {at} jamesmorrisondesign {dot} com with the subject:

    Kriesi | Avisio | floorworks | Portfolio Template Not Working

    and I’ll take a look.

    Best regards,



    Hi James,

    I emailed over the details last weekend, just wondering how you are getting on?





    I haven’t received the email, I seem to have had a bug with my email account losing emails from the last few days but it’s sorted now.

    Can you forward the email to me?




    Hi James,

    All done, please let me know when you receive the email?




    I am having the same thing go on. Was this solved?



    I never received an email so didn’t get the opportunity to dig deeper into this issue.

    If you use the dummy content importer in the theme options, it sets up a portfolio for you which you can then duplicate / adapt for your own content.


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