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    Hi Kriesi & Kriesi’s staff !

    On Avisio, my portfolio page is sortable on 3 columns, that’s OK, It works very good !

    When I wrote an entry in portfolio entries, Ok I saw the entry in my portfolio page but If I write a style like “
    ” or “<I>” or anything else, the style doesn’t works, I spoke about “p” above h3.name_sort.

    Impossible for me to customise the “p” style, it doesn’t works because the is a js here ?

    Tell me more, thank you


    Hi !

    No solution for that ? :-(



    I must admit I don’t understand your problem.- please try to explain it in another way :)


    Arf sorry for my bad english :-)

    I explain again :

    In my portfolio page, I have thumbnails with titles ( (thanx firebug!)) and texts below. On this text, I can’t apply html element ! like
    , <span> etc. it doesn’t work ! (via administration>portfolio entries>…)

    You know what I mean Dude ? :)


    You forgot me Dude :-(



    yes sorry for the delay. The html tags are stripped by WP but a plugin like: should help you with the excerpt styling (so it’s a WP issue not a problem of the theme).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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