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    Hi all, thanks for the fantastic theme, I’m loving it so far.


    I’m not seeing the sorting options show up on my portfolio page. Any ideas?

    I have 3 categories under 1 portfolio. At the moment, each category has 1 item in it. I’ve chosen “3 columns sortable” for column count and 6 entries to be displayed per page.

    Thanks for any help!



    1.) the sorting works with Javascript and the function is called by the custom.js (folder: habitat/js/)

    First you should check and disable other installed plugins, if you make use of them…

    Sometimes different called javascripts within the header collide and produce errors.

    After you disabled all your other installed plugins you should test it with actual browsers like

    firefox, chrome, safari or opera.

    2.) but be warned yesterday i mad a crossbrowsertest (firefox, safari and opera) of an online installation

    and saw that the sort function doesn’t work very well with the actual opera version (10.62) on a mac (10.6.4).

    In my installation i have no other plugins installed and in firefox and safari it looks really well and work.

    So, Kriesi or Dude may know…


    Thanks 3lab, I deactivated all my plugins and tried it in Chrome but am still not seeing the sorting options. I haven’t touched the .js file at all – not sure whats up! Thanks again though.



    I’ve also discovered some problems with the sorting option. I’d like to use the portfolio page to show some videos (all host on a vimeo plus account), some of them are just 4 fun projects while other ones are made for clients. So i’ve two portfolio categories signed to the different portfolio entries. So far, so good. I’ve set up my page and trashed all the demo data that i’d imported before. I’ve selected the 2 col. sortable portfolio but no sort options appear. Today i played around with some of the options and reimported the demo data once again = the sort options appear. But now i’ve all the demo content in my portfolio, so i tried two things:

    1. deleted all the demo content again = sort options disappear

    2. imported everthing again, under portfolio options i’ve set up my two categories to show up and leave out all the rest, then i’ve set all the demo content to “css” e.g. (while all my portfolio content have the two cat. that should show up) = sort options disappear

    So i would like to use the portfolio sortoptions with my own two categories while all the demo content is deleted. That seems not possible right now? May be you have any tipps for me?

    You can find the portfolio at:


    Sorry for reposting again but i’v discovered, that the sorting options appear as soon as i assign one of my categories to all of the demo content portfolio items. Then i set one of the items from “published” to draft and the sorting options disappear again. Is there something wrong with my items or is it a bug? Maybe one of you guys can help me to figure it out.

    UPDATE: I trashed all portfolio items until there’s only the “Lorem Ipsum” left. As soon as i delete this one, the sorting options disappear. When i try to edit the Lorem Ipsum entry, the sorting options also disappear. I’m not quite sure if this will work with other items, but it seems as it’s about this entry?!


    Oh yeah, that’s it. Thanks!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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