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    I am working with the coherence theme and have created a Portfolio of approx 100 items but this will increase further over the coming months. The items in the portfolio are split among a set of approx 30 categories, and I have set up the portfolio to have 40 posts per page (for speed of loading) with Portfolio Sortable and Portfolio Pagination are both switched on. No category

    The results look good, and the Portfolio items are shown across three pages. However if I use the ‘sort’ at the top of the list to limit the results to a specific category then the list is only ‘sorted’ for the particular page being displayed. If I move to the next page then the filter is removed, and all categories for the next page are shown. What I would really like to achieve is a filter rather than a sort. So that if I select a category when all items are being displayed across 3 pages, then the list is actually reduced to one page which shows only those category items regardless of which of the three pages they would have originally appeared.

    Hope that makes sense! website link to portfolio page is


    Hi 13adger!

    What you have described can be achieved creating custom code, what’s need to be done is once the user clicks on a category needs to update the url, so when you click on the page 2 loads the Bakery category and triggers mansory using the parameter ( in this example ), another solution is include all of the images an use Lazy Loading so when the user scrolls it will keep loading your images async.

    This will require custom code like i said before, i can recommend a cost effective solution part of Envato,

    Best regards,


    Thanks David for your reply. I suspected this would take some form of custom coding.

    My idea would be that I switch off the portfolio ‘sort’ and create my own in its place with a specific URL as you describe above. however when I try the example URL you gave this has no effect. It still returns all categories.

    Your link to Envato is very useful and well worth considering, but in the first instance I would like to give a go at working a solution myself, so I guess my question now is how to reload the portfolio page with a custom filter applied. Once I know I can do this I can apply it to a customised filtered list of categories.

    I must admit the asynchronous loading idea sounds like a great solution and worth a small investment if it works well, do you have any experience of this type of solution being used and how well it worked.

    Thanks again for your help




    The example URL is the way the custom code should work, in this case without creating that ( custom code ) it’s not going to work, what i did is just describe how to fix that so you can use the service ( assuming you are not the one coding it ) ( service ), so you can/ whomever code this can have an idea of how to proceed.

    Best regards,

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