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    Hi there!

    My portfolio is at the ‘4 colums sortable’ setting. All the images are loaded onto 1 page. This will be a problem for 100 pictures…

    I know about the info at the settings page:

    “How many entries should be displayed per page? (only applies if you have choosen an non-sortable value at “Column Count”)”

    Is there a workaround yet to have sortable columns and a pagination feature? So each page of the portfolio has its own sortable function?

    Or doesn’t this make sense anyway…?


    At the moment no, simply because the number of items on the page can’t be dynamically called based on the category you’ve selected to display.

    You could however, create multiple portfolio pages each catering to different categories / areas?


    I have same problem with loading of 400 pictures.

    Is here some chance, that Avisio can be paginated like these new themes ?



    Currently it’s not possible. I’ll report it to Kriesi though….



    James mentioned creating multiple portfolio pages which I have done


    I want the URL to show different names for portfolio for the different pages

    as in

    /staff/ is a portfolio page and all good – but when selecting staff member I get a URL that is /portfolio/staff-name/ I would like this to be /staff/staff-name/


    /our-work/ selecting an item goes to /portfolio/page-name/ I would like it to go to /our-work/page-name/

    so using portfolio for 2 pages is fine but I want the URL to reflect the content, when selected, as different pages.



    1) It’s not possible to use a portfolio slug which is already used as page name – you’ll get 404 errors. I.e. and won’t work

    2) It’s only possible to use one slug for all portfolio items at the moment. You can’t use “staff” and “our-work” for your portfolio items – you need to choose one and stick with it.


    Is could be possible to use nextpage tag or maybe infinitescroll (plugin) for pagination ?


    You can implement the nextpage feature. Open up single.php and replace:

    the_content(); ?>
    <?php edit_post_link('Edit', '', ''); ?>
    <!--end entry-content-->


    the_content(); ?>
    <?php edit_post_link('Edit', '', ''); ?>
    <!--end entry-content-->
    <?php posts_nav_link(); ?>

    You can customize the styling – more information can be found here:

    I haven’t tried the infinitescroll plugin yet….


    Servus Kriesi team ;),

    I saw the new Propulsion theme by Kriesi, where is a sortable portfolio with pagination the standart feature. Is it possible to get this code to Avisio theme now ?



    the framework is totally different so it’s not possible to transfer the code. In addition the pagination portfolio works like the Avisio portfolio (only items on the same page will be sorted/filtered).


    Thank you for the quick reply Dude,

    It is good enough, when it can sort items only on page and not full portfolio.

    Do you think, the lazy-load-plugin can support to load the sortable .js (on top) in the portfolio ? I had 600 items in the portfolio and it breaks everytime on the sortable function of the portfolio. Maybe it is better to load only one category of the portfolio and ALL relink for example to A ? Is it possible and how to do it ? Can I mask ALL in .css ?


    As far as I know the lazy load plugin just supports images and no js files. During the initialisation process all js resources are loaded without any special plugins. Maybe some kind of “preloader” exists but I’m not sure (I only know one for css resources). The best solution would be to use many pages + portfolios (each portfolio with a few categories) and to link them by using the main menu/menu manager (Appearance > Menu).

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