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    I’ve found lots of forum topics relating to portfolio sorting, but nothing exactly like this…..

    I’m creating a portfolio using the Choices theme for a site where I’ve created two levels of Categories: parents and 1 level of children.

    It would be wonderful if the Portfolio sorting links could somehow distinguish between the parent and child categories!?

    Here is an example category structure:

    Parent Cat 1

    Child 1

    Child 2

    Child 3

    Parent Cat 2

    Child 4

    Child 5

    Ideally, on first viewing the portfolio, it would display “All” as the current item by default and show only the parent sorting links:

    All / Parent Cat 1 / Parent Cat 2

    Once a parent Category’s sorting link is clicked, the sorting links would add a line of child links underneath:

    All / Parent Cat 1 (active) / Parent Cat 2

    Child 1 / Child 2 / Child 3


    All / Parent Cat 1 / Parent Cat 2 (active)

    Child 4 / Child 5


    By default, all the parent and child category sorting links are simply placed on the same line with no differentiation, and sorted alphabetically. This makes it appear that the child categories are equally important as the parents (which would display many more projects and a broader sampling)….and users can’t see why a very broad category is right next to a very specific or narrow one.

    My $0.02…Thanks!




    unfortunately the isotope script ( ) – which we use to sort/filter the portfolio – does not support multiple filter (or sorting) levels. We won’t implement such a feature in the near future.




    Got it! Thanks for the reply…..I suppose a similar functionality could be gained by creating a series of portfolio pages that only display each child category and then making a new Menu for the site that nests the pages, too….

    Best – Darrin

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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