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    :-( OK… I’m officially panicking!

    My slider and portfolio buttons stopped working right after I switched skins! :-( (I’m using CleanCut)

    – I had 3 slider entries. Now only one of them is being displayed. The manual control to switch slides is gone too (the little dots under the slider).

    – Then, on the portfolio page, I can see all my active entries but no buttons on the top (to filter portfolio by category)

    So far, these are the only two things that I have noticed (who knows what else got messed up after I switched the skins!!!)

    I deactivated all plugins and cleared cache before re-booting my computer and trying again. Still no luck! :-(

    AND! to make things worse, my dumb website is not live yet, so it’s not like I can send you a link for you to review! :-( :-(

    Any suggestions on files I can review? :-( :-(

    Thanks guys!


    If you switch skins you just replace css files – no other backend changes are made. I’m not sure what causes the problem – I need to investigate the settings, etc. myself. You can try to use a free hoster like bplaced to host your project. It would help us to help you.


    !!! Thanks Dude! I’ll upload my project there as soon as I can (apparently bplaced has some sort of limited number of daily accounts and I can’t create one right away) I thought about replacing the some of the files (js perhaps?) with the original ones that came with the theme (I’ve been tweaking a copy) but first I must back up what I have so far (Something I should have done long time ago, to begin with!)

    Thanks for your help! I will post back as soon as I can let you have access to my live site! :)

    (Breathing again here! Thanks again for ALL your help!)


    Back in business!

    Reactivated the original files from CleanCut theme, cleared cache, and things are back to normal!

    Was feeling adventurous and even changed the skins again with no problem! How weird is that?

    Along with the slider and portfolio categories, I had also lost the toggle settings! And, while trying to upload the files to, I ended up messing with my phpMyAdmin access, almost lost my database, all in one afternoon! Somehow i managed to recover the passwords and left the live site idea alone for now. (Which I regret because I really wonder what went wrong with my theme! :-( Sorry!

    But the rest seems to be back to normal now! Phewwww!


    Glad that everything works now :)

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