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    I have images that are smaller than the 930 wide that the slider is set at and they end up be upscaled and looking huge. Is there a way that I can have single entry portfolio items be the size that the actual image is?

    Otherwise all of the images are going to be huge. Most of them are photos of mixed media artwork.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have tried just inserting an image into the portfolio page but then there is no thumbnail on the menu for that category.


    Hi biglittledesigns,

    No, unfortunately none that I’ve found. It has been asked a few times over the past year or so that the theme has been out but any of the adjustments I’ve tried or have seen tried just don’t work.

    The only moderately good option I’ve found is to use the main image as a header to the portfolio item with the smaller more specific images inside the visual editor as either a WordPress gallery or using a plugin to give a secondary gallery.




    Can you tell me where I can change the size at all for the container on the shop product pages images?

    It is a little disappointing that the portfolio is a bit restrictive like this, especially for a paid for theme.


    Can you please tell me how I can make the shop product image preview square?


    You can set the WooCommerce catalog images to crop which will automatically crop the image to the dimensions you want in WooCommerce>Settings>Catalog at the bottom of that tab.

    Then use this plugin to regenerate the thumbnails to make the new settings take effect on previously uploaded images:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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