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    Thanks for a great template!

    Im having trouble removing the sidebar on portfolio pages – how can i do this?

    Also will the portfolio pages work with WPML? (WordPress Multilingual)




    you can create a custom template (which will be fullwidth) by using the template builder – just use the page/post element (and the slideshow element) to create a fullwidth portfolio entry template. Afterwards select this template for your portfolio entries.




    How about WPML?




    I had a few problems with the portfolio – I’ll ask Kriesi if it’s possible :)


    Thx – seeing forward to a answer. :-)


    i would be very glad if Kriesi could answer on this one – thx.


    Kriesi wrote me a mail regarding the WPML issue. Currently he’s waiting for Armin’s (WPML lead developer) feedback. He’s not entirely sure what’s the best way to handle the portfolio post type with WPML. When Armin reports back he’ll look into it.



    Im hoping to get an answer soon….

    I’ve just bought WPML and it destoys the portfolio…

    Best regards,



    We’re still waiting for Armin’s response. I’ll ask Kriesi if he’s any news.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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