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    Help. I’m having a really hard time understanding the instructions on how to set up my portfolios. Based on what I see in the demo, it looks like what I want to do can be accomplished, but the instructions leave me completely baffled.

    I want “portfolio” in the menu bar at the top of the home page (I got this far)

    I want a submenu to appear as in your demo ( linking to my client projects

    Each project has multiple images and videos, as shown in your demo Portfolio/Video

    Can you please provide more detailed instructions on how to make this work?




    you can create as many portfolio pages as you like in your admin panel (Display Options > Portfolio Options). Each portfolio is assigned to a page and you need to select the portfolio categories for each portfolio. You can i.e create a portfolio entry for each client or even a complete portfolio page for each client. However it’s not possible to create sub portfolios (i.e. general portfolio page which links to other sub portfolio pages). A portfolio entry would look like: , a portfolio overview page:

    You can create a custom sidebar menu by using the “custom menu” widget and the menu manager (appearance > Menus). You can also use the sidebar menu editor (Display options).


    I still don’t understand how to do this. I’m looking for instructions on how to execute, and the instructions provided don’t have any detail. I’ve uploaded all of my portfolio images and videos, but I don’t understand how to populate what you’re calling the portfolio overview. In your demo, the Portfolio button on the main menu has a drop-down for Web Design, Photography and Video. I’m trying to replicate that.


    You can use the menu manager (Appearance > Menus ) to create your own menu. Just create a new menu, call it “Main” and drag’n’drop your portfolio overview pages into the right field. I wrote a short how-to here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -the-menu-behaves-weird

    You can select which pages should be used as portfolio overview pages under Display Options > Portfolio Options. Please also refer to the documentation which comes with the theme.


    I’m sorry, this isn’t helping. The instructions above are basically the same as the documentation that came with the theme, which I’ve been poring over for hours. I’m new to this, and the WordPress Codex instructions use different terms in many places than what’s in the documentation. When I create a new post and add my images and assign a category, which is what I understand from the documentation, it looks nothing like the portfolio overview samples like in the demo. I need help understanding:

    1) how to create the portfolio overview and populate with my images

    2) how to make those portfolio overview items appear under “portfolio” in the Main Menu

    Please, please help me. Thank you!

    if it helps, my url is


    Can you create me an admin account and send me the login details to: (Email address hidden if logged out) – I’ll create a demo portfolio page.


    Thanks, done!!



    I created a sample portfolio based on your previous settings. I modified 3 things:

    1) Changed your Display Options > Portfolio Options – I selected “portfolio” as page and assigned both categories. Otherwise you’d overwrite your settings.

    2) Changed permalink structure – previous didn’t work

    3) Adjusted dropdown distance – it’s clickable now.

    Now you just need to publish posts and they’ll appear on the portfolio + category pages.


    Thanks, I see the drop down menu is working, and I’ve added all the menu items I need. I followed the way you set up the Portfolio Options, with all the corresponding Categories under the first Portfolio Page 1, and then followed that with each matching Portfolio Page and Category.

    Now I need to populate with my creative samples (create the portfolio overview and populate with my images). With the other themes I’ve worked with, there was a specific portfolio template to upload all the videos and images I wanted to show within each portfolio page. The instructions for Display say “If you completed the previous steps you are now ready to fill your site with content. this works just normal for posts and pages, only the main-page content boxes and the portfolio might need some introduction: When heading over to a post or page you will notice the “Display” option panel below the text area:”

    Adding images in this way doesn’t give me the portfolio overview look, it only allows for a single image that end up looking like a basic post.

    Where do I place my images/videos? How do I achieve the portfolio overview and lightbox?


    You just need to write posts now ( and afterwards publish them in one or more portfolio categories. They’ll be displayed like this published post:


    But there is only one image there. How do I create the same portfolio overview that is seen in the demo? I wish I could send you a screen shot or something, because I’m not sure if I’m asking the question correctly.

    When I look at your demo and hover over Portfolio in the Main Menu, there are 3 drop down items; Web Design, Photography, and Video. When I click on any of them, multiple images are shown (7 in Web Design, 4 in Photography, and 5 in Video). How do I link my images so they appear in that way? When I try to add more images to the Post, it doesn’t appear next to the original on the first click like what’s shown in your demo, they’re only seen when I click on the “read more” link, which is NOT what I want.


    It’s not possible to attach more than one image to a post – i.e. this page: shows 7 posts and 7 preview thumbnails – for each post one. If you want to create a gallery you can use plugins like nextgen gallery.


    I see. Then how are the 7 posts seen under the one drop down menu item? Did you use the nextgen gallery?


    No – Kriesi doesn’t use nextgen gallery in the demo. It’s just a portfolio page with seven posts (they’re assigned to the portfolio categories which are displayed on this page).


    Can you explain how it’s done? I can create posts, but I don’t understand how to make the portfolio pages with multiple posts, as you mention above, and what a category has to do with it. I really just need the instruction steps to make this all come together!


    1) Create a post

    2) Assign a category or categories to this post.

    3) Go to Display Options > Portfolio Options and make sure that the categories you used in 2) are assigned to portfolio pages.

    4) Publish the post.

    5) Create several posts by following the instructions above (step 1-4).

    6) All posts which are assigned to portfolio categories (categories you selected in step 3) ) will now display on the portfolio page(s).


    Hooray! My only issue is that my video files won’t play. I tried three different file types, following the instructions to add the height and width dimensions.

    The .wmv and .mpg both had an error message (Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and the image exist.)

    The .mov file opened a box with the correct pixel dimension, but didn’t play the video and there was no error message.

    Here’s an example of what I put in the post:

    What’s wrong?



    I believe when uploading a video, you’re supposed to provide a link to the video rather than upload one through the field. For example a link to youtube or vimeo. You can, however, upload a video on your wordpress installation and then enter the link to this video in the video/image field (using the instructions for width & height).


    Yes, that’s what I did and it’s not working. I don’t want to use Youtube or Vimeo. Thanks for your help!


    The display lightbox just supports vimeo, youtube, .mov and swf videos (see documentation here: ).


    Got it! Thanks so much.


    Glad that I could help you :)


    My posts work, but there is no thumbnail on the portfolio page, and they dont show up in the NAV menu along the top right of the page. I want the categories to show up as child pages to a parent page “Products” – when I add posts and select the category, it doesnt automatically add to the menu….



    the “category” menu item doesn’t add all posts to the menu but just a link to the archive/category page. If you want to add all portfolio pages and/or posts to the menu you need to add all pages manually and the portfolio posts can be added by using the “custom links” field or the post field.

    I’m not sure why you can’t see thumbnails. First reason I can image is that you didn’t set a preview image/featured image (there’s a preview image options field on the post/page editor page. If you set the image it’s maybe a css/js error. Can you post a link please.

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