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    Please help I am very new to wp and need some basic instructions on setting up the portfolio page. Can you please provide me with direction regarding uploading my images so they appear on the portfolio page?

    From what I have read in the previous threads it seems I should be placing them into the posts however that will make my images appear under the blog which is something that I dont want to do. Is there other way to create my portfolio page without adding them to posts?

    Thank you and apologies so my basic understanding… :)




    You do need to add the Portfolio images to posts so they show up correctly, but you can also adjust archive.php (Category Archives) and single.php (Single Portfolio Entry) to exclude images if they’re in the Portfolio category.

    Would this solution work for you, and if so would you want to disable images on archive.php, single.php or both?

    To upload images, use the built in Media Uploader (WP admin -> Media -> Add New), and use them in posts by setting them as the featured image when creating / editing a post.




    Hey James

    Thanks for your response, this is not what I had in mind… I am a web designer and I want to show my work on the portfolio page that is my only goal with this task for right now :)

    I do have images loaded on the backend of wp admin however this is how they show up on the portfolio page link provided-


    Right now if you click on any of the squares a smaller vision shows up clearly. Which is fine however I need the images to show up clearly when you first view the page. Currently only a 6 squares show up with the image failed red x on each corner. Can you please help me resolve this?




    The images are showing up for me ok, is this issue solved?

    Can you post a screenshot if not?

    Best regards,




    Please view this link that I created for you to view the images

    This is where the images do not link to the page… what do I need to do to correct this?

    Our current portfolio page has images displayed in the default template so that they can be viewed. However that is not how they should appear. Please help…



    I don’t understand why but the timthumb.php script is having some problems with the image URL having the full path ( in front of image URL’s.

    If you change the URL from



    it works on your server :)


    Hi James

    Thanks for your feedback I finally figured it out! :)



    Glad that Jamres could help you.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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