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    I have set up the theme with no problems until it comes to the portfolio section. I have set up the category to be displayed on the portfolio page and indeed it does display post which have the correct category. However It wont display any more images after 14 posts! I am using display large image in lightbox option. If I don’t add an image, just an excerpt then it will display the text but just for post 15 not any more. Basically it all goes pear after post 14.

    I can’t give you a login as it is on a local webserver and not live. Everything is fine except pagination doesn’t seem to want to work either but is the least of my worries. I really need to know why I can only add 14 images before it doesn’t work anymore.




    Hi, Seems that it was an issue with my local web server. I made the site live and I didn’t have any problems adding more images.

    I do have one problem though. I cannot get pagenation to work on my portfolio. How do I get this to work?


    Seems I have solved my issues by installing a third party plugin called wp-paginate.

    Replace kriesi_pagination($query_string); in template_portfolio.php with wp_paginate();

    After that it’s all good.

    Hope this helps someone else.



    Glad that you found a work around :)


    I’m having problems with my portfolio page, does not appear the options to go to pages 2 or 3, even with 20 pages of the portfolio appears only 9 standard. already downloaded the original files again and I’ve uploaded, but the problem continues.



    I’ll report it to Kriesi. A quick fix is to install this plugin:

    Afterwards replace following code in template_portfolio.php:





    the problem continues, follow the code of my page to see if something is wrong.



    Template Name: Portfolio


    global $k_option, $more;

    $k_option = “class=’fullwidth'”; //$k_option = “”;


    $more = 0;

    $posts_per_page = $k_option;

    $query_string =”posts_per_page=”.$posts_per_page;

    $query_string .= “&cat=”.$k_option[$post->ID].”&paged=$paged”;

    // the query string now looks like this:

    // “cat=3,10,12&posts_per_page=9&paged=$paged”;

    // you can add additional query options if you want, all of them are described here:


    // append this parameters with the “&” sign

    // example: $query_string = $query_string.”&orderby=author&order=ASC”;



    <div id=”main” >

    <div id=”content” >


    $boxnumber = 1;

    if (have_posts()) :

    while (have_posts()) : the_post();

    $more = 0;

    // check if we got a previe picture, and which one should be taken

    // (image resizing with “tim thumb” on? then we can take the big one and resize it)

    $preview_small = get_post_meta($post->ID, “_preview_small”, true);

    $preview_medium = get_post_meta($post->ID, “_preview_medium”, true);

    $preview_big = get_post_meta($post->ID, “_preview_big”, true);


    $preview = $preview_small;

    $link_url = $preview_big;

    $lightbox = ‘boxes’;

    $link = true;

    //change if necessary:

    // resizing? => take next sized picture

    if ($k_option == “1” && $preview_small == “”)


    $preview = $preview_medium != ” ? $preview_medium : $preview_big;


    if (!kriesi_is_file($preview_big,’image’))


    $preview = $preview_small != ” ? $preview_small : $preview_medium;

    $link_url = $preview_big;


    // no bigpicture? => no lightbox

    if ($preview_big == “” || $k_option == 2) { $lightbox = ”; $link = true; $link_url = get_permalink(); }

    // the kriesi_build_image function used here checks if the image should be resized.

    // the function is located in framework/helper_functions

    $preview = kriesi_build_image(array(‘url’=>$preview,

    ‘height’=> ‘124’,

    ‘width’=> ‘280’,





    if ($boxnumber == 1) echo ‘<div class=”entry portfolio_entry”>’; ?>

    <div class=”box box_small box<?php echo $boxnumber; ?>”>

    <?php echo $preview; // echo the preview image ?>

    <h3 id=”post-<?php the_ID(); ?>”>” rel=”bookmark” title=”Permanent Link: <?php the_title(); ?>”><?php the_title(); ?></h3>

    <?php the_excerpt(); // small excerpt of the post content ?>

    ” class=”more-link”>Assista



    if ($boxnumber == 3) echo ‘</div>’;

    $boxnumber = $boxnumber == 3 ? ‘1’ : $boxnumber + 1;


    if($boxnumber != 1){

    echo ‘</div>’;





    <div class=”entry”>

    <h2>Nada Encontrado</h2>

    <p>Desculpe, tente outra palavra na busca.</p>





    </div><!– end content –>

    <?php get_sidebar(); ?>

    </div><!–end main–>


    get_footer(); ?>


    The pagination seems to work right – this page: showsother portfolio items like this one: – the pagination buttons appear for me at the bottom. Did you solve the problem? Maybe it’s just a css error.

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