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    Just started having a problem with my some of my portfolio preview images. (See here:

    The images inserted as previews are thumbnails created by NextGen Gallery. Two months ago, the previews were working fine. Now, the system thinks the preview images are videos and not images.

    Did I do something wrong? Help!



    your portfolio image links are corrupt – they don’t link to the full size version of the image and the link target is missing:

    <a class='preloading'  rel="lightbox[grouped]" href="" title="Parque zoológico, Bronx, NY" >
    <img src=' (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -zoologico-2010/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_0104.jpg' alt='' title='Parque zoológico, Bronx, NY' height='170 ' width='274' />

    Because the link target (href) attribute is missing the script adds a video logo to your images. I’m not sure why the link target is missing but after you fixed this problem the hover effect will work correctly again.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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