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    I went to portfolio theme options from the wp admin panel

    Changed my Portfolio Post Number as well as setting pagination to yes, and it still displayed all the items after I saved and hit refresh on my website.

    I even cleared the cookies and cache of the website.


    Hi Jessipoo,

    Do you have the site live where I can take a look at the issue?


    I went into the portfolio post number and changed it to 6, put yes for pagination.

    I have 8 items in total.


    Hi Jessipoo,

    I think I might know what the issue is. I just tried to recreate the problem and my first instinct to modify the front page portfolio was to just click on Portfolio in the Angular admin and change the first set of options. However, what you actually need to change is the Template Builder options for the Frontpage (if you are using the dummy data setup like me). The Portfolio element has its own set of options to customize it even more for that specific page.

    So try editing the options there if you had not already and let me know if that works. If you already are, can you try removing the portfolio attribute from the template and then re-adding it with the new options.

    Thanks :)



    That worked

    Does that mean every time I want to make a change I need to do it in 2 places?

    Or is the template builder frontpage the primary one

    Just a note though, it’s kind of confusing having the same type of setup in 2 places and not knowing which one to to change. The exact same settings are in the portfolio tab as well as the template builder>portfolio element. I can’t think of a reason to have both if only one is useful. Perhaps in future updates the redundant options can be eliminated? (and then just a note to let people know that they need to go to the frontpage for further editing.

    The portfolio settings (that are the same as the frontpage) cannot be deleted from the portfolio tab. Like I said, I don’t know if there is a reason to have it in both places, there may be an xyz instance where that would be helpful but if not, it creates a bit of confusion. Just a suggestion :)


    Obviously it’s useful because you can add additional elements to a dynamic template whereas the portfolio page is not flexible (only portfolio and no other elements).


    so then should the portfolio page eliminate the options that are in the portfolio element of the frontpage?

    Since they are the same options but only the portfolio element seems to have the control.

    (I might’ve not understood your statement)


    You can’t use a dynamic template page as portfolio page. If you want to show a portfolio on a dynamic template page you need to add the portfolio element to the template. If you want to use a page as portfolio page make sure that no dynamic template is applied to this page and select the page as portfolio page (Theme Options > Portfolio).

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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