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    Hi there. Once again, thanks for a nice theme and great support.

    My portfolio page looks fine in Firefox/Explorer but the third image squishes up oddly in Chrome. Not sure if this is something you can fix or not

    Secondly, I tried changing loop-portfolio.php so that the columns would be halves instead of thirds, but this was awkward as it right aligned the images and left aligned the text. Is there somewhere I can change it so that they are consistent (left aligned)? I’ve since changed it back to one third.

    Appreciate any help.



    1.) The site looks the same to me in Firefox and Chrome. Can you elaborate on your issue and provide screenshots of the differences? This is how I see the site:

    2.) The images appear to be aligning in the centre (not to the right), this is consistent with the container and the image being the same size in the demo and having display: block; as one of the CSS properties. You can adjust style.css (line 506 or thereabouts) to add float: left; to align the images to the left.

    You should add the CSS to this code:

    #top .slideshow img, #top .slideshow a img, #top .slideshow a {
    float: left;

    Alternatively, you could adjust the image size to get a “one half” size image displayed instead.



    Hi James,

    Thanks for the response.

    Okay, so the Chrome pic thing is only affecting me. I checked across a bunch of different computers in the building and noone else experiences the glitch. Weird. But thanks for looking into it.

    I’ll try out the code as suggested and let you know how I go.





    Have you enabled any plugins / extensions in Chrome?

    Often “bugs” and other anomolies can be solved by disabling them – for examle, an adblocking plugin can break the layout of some sites.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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