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    I am developing the website for a client.

    I currently have the theme uploaded to a test site on my own website

    You can see the portfolio picture I added.

    The greyed out photo actually shrinks so you can still see some of the colour version.

    Can you tell me why this happens? I have tried uploading various photos and the same happens each time.

    Can you also tell me the optimum size for the graphics before I upload them?

    Finally, Am I using the correct method to get my pictures uploaded.

    I go to “add new portfolio item”

    Then underneath where the content goes there is a box that is called “featured media”

    I upload the image here.

    Once it is uploaded The image box pops open and I click on “add to gallery”

    Do I need to select any specific settings with regard to the size? eg Thumbnail, medium, large or fullsize.?




    Hi Alan,

    Try creating a new portfolio item with an image size bigger than width: 465px and height: 346px.

    You might also need to regenerate your thumbnails with for older portfolio items if you re-upload a different photo.

    The method you described is correct. None of the wordpress size selections matter for the theme as it uses its own sizes/attachments.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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