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    I had everything on one page but now set a smaller limit on the items per page. Clicking on the 2 does not bring up page 2.





    Do you have the latest version of Propulsion? Kindly download the latest version of Propulsion and replace the old files.

    Don’t forget to create a backup of your files and database.




    I’ve already updated all of the changed files to v 1.7 I am still with WP 3.4.2 for now

    It looks like someone is experiencing the same phenomenon in the template ‘Choices’

    https://kriesi.at/support/topic/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out)

    There was a similar problem with ‘Eunoia’


    The person activated a different theme ad then reactivated Eunoia again and their problem disappeared. Is that likely to work here? I’d try it straight away but I have custom image sizes and might create extra tasks to regenerate them.



    Try to go to Settings > Permalinks, reset the settings to default then change it back to your desired settings.

    You might want to try to deactivate then reactivate the theme. It might work.





    I have the same problem. Pagination in Portfolio is not working at all and showing a 404 Not Found page.

    If I have Permalinks as default it works fine. If I set them as “post name” it won’t work.

    I changed permalinks many times and no luck. I’ve reactivated the theme and also… no luck.

    Any help pls?

    Thank you



    Try to revert back to twenty-eleven theme, change the permalink, check if it works. Go back to Propulsion. This might change some of the theme options. You might need to edit them back.





    I have the latest Propulsion version v.1.7, and the latest WordPress v.3.5.1

    I have changed to the default permalinks and back and I have switched to a different theme and back.

    I have noticed a phenomena :

    I wanted the site to open at a static page called “Gallery”. If I do this the pagination does not work, or rather /page/2/ repeats the same items that were on the first page.

    If however, I let the site open at the default ‘latest posts’ page and then navigate to the page “Gallery” the pagination does work. /gallery/page/2/ has the next set of items.

    Do you have any suggestions please.




    For now I have made a redirect in the .htaccess so that the site opens at “Gallery” but is there a better way ?



    I’m going to close this thread now.

    I made a silly mistake. I was struggling with the frontpage and blog page allocation in WordPress, and I didn’t notice that it was in “theme options”

    I’ve got the pagination working now thanks

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