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    Hi, I’m not sure if this site is experiencing the same problem, basically the menus have stopped responding to the One Page Portfolio in the Coalition theme. I’m not touching the code, it’s a very simple site. All the menus do not respond and I can only see the default blog page.

    Please help.


    Page pagination is still not working. What am I to do now? I’ve updated to the latest version.


    I’m getting frustrated, this is for a client who needs this pagination to work on the Angular theme. I was under the impression that this would be fixed last week. Please post an update as soon as possible.


    Are there any responses to these posts, it would appear it a common problem.


    Not working here either… I have version 1.4. :(



    Sorry for the inconvenience. Kriesi, has been notified about his. I’m sure he is fixing the issue. Please hold on for further updates.




    No offense but tell that to my client.


    When is the update coming?? I’m also noticing that when one hits refresh/reload it makes the sidebar static! This is awful! I have a headhunter awaiting my portfolio and I can’t submit this until it’s fixed!



    Unfortunately, we can’t say exactly when an update will be available. If it’s something that can easily updated by users then I’m sure Kriesi will post here as soon as he can.




    Hi, I’ve been watching this thread for a few weeks now. Under a lot of pressure to fix this feature.

    Wanted to check in to see how things are coming…

    Is a solution in the near future? If not I may need to bite the bullet and seek out another professional for this fix.


    I had to get a refund through ThemeForest. It’s wildly apparent this developer couldn’t care less about this well known issue. It pisses me off that i paid $50 for this theme only to become broken and not fixed promptly. Doesn’t matter that “Kreisi is aware of the problem” … He needs to fix the damned thing!!!!!!!


    Hey Guys!

    I have tested the theme with every possible setup I can come up with and I cant reproduce any portfolio pagination issues with the latest version. So if you are experiencing issues please send me your

    – website url

    – wordpress login details

    – ftp login details

    via the contact form.

    Please make sure that you are running the latest version of the theme.

    PS: @kelley: we have released more than 10 theme updates during the last weeks. This bug was adressed in one of them and I know for a fact that it fixed it for most people. I am aware that this is more than annoying for you and I am sorry for that, but please be aware that beeing only one person who can track complicated bugs like this it sometimes takes a little time to get them fixed. I do care that it happens, otherwise I wouldnt host this forum.

    If you send me your site details via I will have a look at it


    Just to give you all an update, I have been watching this forum to see if a fix had been released and didn’t actually realise that there was an update available to download at Theme Forest. I’ve just uploaded the updated files/folders to my server and this has indeed fixed the Pagination problem.

    I think most people have been waiting for an announcement of the update release to be posted on this blog.

    So, anyone out there who still hasn’t done so, head over to Theme Forest, download the Coalition zip and upload the updated files and folders to your server.


    Hi, everyone,

    I just noticed Colin’s message. I did as he wrote and the problem is solved.



    @kriesi thanks for posting an update. The most recent version seems to solve the pagination. I really appreciate your hard work on this.

    However, sorting the portfolio by Category is still note working. When I click the category name just above the Portfolio, the thumbnails fade, but nothing loads.


    @troydesh sorry but this is working as intended. the “filter” is only a visual help for the user and shouldnt load anything.

    I will close this topic now because I didn’t receive any messages of the portfolio pagination not working after an update was applied. If any of you stil encounters problems with the pagination after upgrading to the latest version feel free to shoot me a mail with the details requested in my previous post.

    For any other issues please open a new thread because this one is getting a little messy with all the different problems and themes mentioned ;D

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