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    Hi guys. Strange thing here. I was creating a bunch of pages and portfolio pages tonight, and all of the sudden I can’t get it to take an image as the featured media. No matter how I do it, it doesn not insert. I’ve done hundreds of these, and so it seems something is wrong. Any ideas?



    Also, a potential clue… a few minutes before this happened, I got a “are you sure you want to do this?”message when saving a page.

    Also, the page I was working on right before this started (stopped) happening… has a … at the end of the URL. Never seen this before… the URL of the page is…

    If you click on the location field in your browser it displays the entire word “keyboard” but not until.


    The other clue, possibly… the regular “insert media” functions work fine. It’s the “featured media” function in the post that I can’t get to work.




    if something happens “all of the sudden” it’s often an incompatibility issue with another plugin. Please try to deactivate all third party plugins (especially those which you activated/installed lately) and check if this solves the issue.


    Thanks dude. Tried that. Turns out, adding a new page with a specific title causes this to happen. I know it sounds weird… but deleting thjis page and the problem goes away. Creating the page again, and it’s back. Changing the URL of that page doesn’t change anything. It’s just this one page, with the name of a product “clevy keyboard” that causes the problem. I’ve created multiple other pages with no problem.

    Very odd… any ideas?




    Maybe the title contains any special characters? Or another page/post, etc. uses the same title?




    I’ve put this on the back burner. It is that one page/name. Will let you know what turns up. Very odd.

    Thanks Dude…



    Ok, I’ll leave this thread open.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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