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    I am having trouble figuring out how to post my work on the portfolio page. I have tried to load images in the display preview box and they do not show up. I have deleted and reloaded my page and went through the steps as described in the documentation, and still no luck. I am also confused about how to add multiple images to a single post then, even if I do successfully get one photo to work, because there is only room to put up one image on the “portfolio” page i created.

    the page is

    Hope someone can help…

    Thanks AJ


    Ok well to anyone else who has this problem….

    I seemed to figure out that the blog posts that I make is what populates the portfolio template, according to the catagories I specify both in the portfolio options and the post itself.

    However I am still confused about three other things,

    now that I have one blog post that is uncatagorized, and one in the portfolio catagory, when I click on the image the lightbox displays the uncatagorized images first and the other in the “next” button, i do not understand why and how to control this feature.

    Also would like to know how to format and give padding to my blog as the type runs right next to the images.

    I am also confused about how to crop images for thumbnails, and how and if this related to the auto image resizing option….


    More precisely I am confused as to the function of the light box. In my portfolio I would like to have an image to click on that opens in the lightbox image viewer, and when you click next you see pictures from that project only, then you close the lightbox, click on the next project in the portfolio and same thing….

    is this possible?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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