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    I may be doing this wrong, but it appears that the primary portfolio pages in the BroadScope theme have a styling problem when using the boxed format. You can see it if you switch the portfolio page of the demo site from wide format over to boxed. I even made a screenshot of what that looks like.

    You’ll notice that the little 138-pixel-wide sidebar that is actually the main content of the page ends up slid up to the top, indented from the left an extra 50 pixels or so. This is strange since the page area itself is the same 1000 pixels wide. Also, it retains some other sidebar characteristics such as keeping images to a maxWidth of 138 pixels and not allowing them to be right aligned, and yet it allows 810 pixels worth of room for text. It also has the three columns of portfolio items contained in the same 810-pixel container (grid10) which is now pressed up against the left side of the page area.

    Another minor complaint about the portfolio page has to do with the fact that the main content is actually in a sidebar. Any plugins that target the end of the content (such as social bookmark buttons or related posts listings) end up pressed into that small space where they don’t usually fit.

    By the way, just so you know, the portfolio section was one of the strong points in selling me on this theme. It’s a perfect setup for automated SEO siloing. I just wish that it had been more carefully styled to go along with either boxed or wide format.


    Really, guys??? Three weeks with no reply? I’m not asking you about a complex coding problem or asking for a new feature. I’m reporting a problem.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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