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    We are now setting up a Shop and it seems to be going well ( ), but we need help with several issues:

    1) How do we apply a regular, non-portfolio template to the Shop (Portfolio) page, so we still have a side-bar on the right, as, for example, on this page? –

    2) How do we remove the long grey “Welcome to The Uncommon Thread Shop” box from the top of the page and just display this text unboxed?

    3) How can we remove the dotted line underneath the above box?

    4) What’s the simplest way to add the links to the Shop sub-categories (Cobweb & Lace, Fingering, Sport, etc.) in the side-bar on the Shop (Portfolio) page?

    5) The Portfolio entry page currently displays a stretched image of the product at the top ( see ), how do we get rid of that completely?

    Many thanks,



    Hello, anybody? :)


    Greetings to all,

    We have now managed to resolve some of the above issues, but would still need help with the following, please!

    1) How can we display some contents on the Portfolio page ( )? We will need to put a welcome message there in the same format as on other pages, e.g. and, possibly, and also possibly some links to the Shop’s sub-categories?

    2) How do we integrate the “Displayed Everywhere” widget bar into the Portfolio page?

    3) Finally, how do we remove the stretched slideshow image from the top of every Portfolio item’s page? ( )

    Many thanks!



    1) You can use the template builder. Go to Velvet > Template Builder and create a new template which contains a page/post content element and a portfolio element. The page/post content element will show the text content of the portfolio page.

    2) Velvet does not support sidebars on portfolio overview pages. You’d need to create a complete new template which also supports the sidebar.

    3) Open up includes/loop-index.php and replace following code:

    $slider = new avia_slideshow(get_the_ID());
    echo $slider->display_small('page');


    if(get_post_type() != 'portfolio'){
    $slider = new avia_slideshow(get_the_ID());
    echo $slider->display_small('page');


    Thanks Dude!

    1) This issue is now solved, yes!

    2) We’ve tried it before with the Velvet Template Builder; the problem is that the page contents and the portfolio end up having a huge gap in between ( please see ); how do we remove this extra blank space?

    3) This does not work. We’ve changed the code exactly as above, emptied the browser’s cash, but that stretched image is still there? If you click on any Shop item you’ll see what I mean ( ) It’s the top stretched image we want to get rid of, please!

    Many thanks,




    Have sorted the 3) issue too, but the page your code needed to be put was “includes/loop-page.php”.

    The issue still remaining is 2) above, any ideas?

    Many thanks,



    Hi Ce,

    Apologies for the delay in responding. We’ve had a flux of questions these past few weeks.

    I tried to look at the test URL you listed above to see if I could help with #2 and received an 404 error. Did you resolve this? Or do you still need help?




    Hi Mya,

    Thank you for the help offer, but working on other issues above has altered the layout, so it is no longer relevant.

    I will mark this topic as solved now.





    Topic closed.

    Best regards,


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