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    Hi there,

    just brought the theme a few days ago and realy like it :)

    The functionality is pretty neat, but in those early stages there are some things that need improvements i think.

    one of the most “negative” features is the portfolio. I’ve got a lot of videos in it and sorted the overview in a 3 column view. so, if somebody clicks on a video in that overview, is plays directly in that littelittlelittle tiny 100x50px square thing ;) It would be MUCH (!!!!) better, to do it this way:

    Create Video-Portfolio entry -> Paste Video URL in Field -> Create a Featured Image with a still. This STILL IMAGE should be displayed in the overview,.. and not the vimeo thing directly. When the User clicks on that thumbnail the theme should load the video. Do you think thats possible? In the actual state, the portfolio isn’t really user-friendly :( I’ve got several visitors complaining about that instant-play in the overview :(

    The Portfolio also has massive (!) speedproblems with more than a few videos in it. Maybe the speed is increased, if you use featured images?

    cheers! :-)



    I marked this thread for Kriesi’s attention.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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