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    In need of more help. Can’t seem to figure this out or find any related posts on this matter.

    Basically, I’ve changed my portfolio thumbnails to 130 x 130 >> screenshot here >>

    I need to adjust the margins/padding on these thumbnails so they sit in the center and adjust the width of the entire content area, so that it’s the same width as the blog, and 2-column layouts, while preserving the 3-column portfolio layout.

    I’ve been tooling around .template-portfolio-overview in the custom.css to no avail. Please advise.

    Thanks again, I know I have a bunch of current questions out there on the forum :P


    I think I’ve found my own solution. I need to adjust in custom.css :

    .portfolio-size-3.content, .container.three_columns .content

    .portfolio-size-3.content .box, .container.three_columns .content .box

    to desired width. then adjust right sidebar accordingly here

    #top .portfolio-size-3 .sidebar2 , #top .container.three_columns .sidebar2

    #top .portfolio-size-3 .sidebar2.sidebar_absolute , #top .container.three_columns .sidebar2.sidebar_absolute

    seems to work, what that be correct in the mods’ eyes?


    Just to keep this convo with myself current. The above adjustment works, however it also changes the entire Woocommerce plugin to that same width. For the store/product overview this is fine and preferred actually. However, it also makes the checkout/shopping cart pages narrow and as you can see on the screenshot >> >> this is no bueno.

    Now my question is, How can I make the checkout/shopping cart/admin pages in Woocoomerce call on a different width for the content area?

    I’m going into trying to figure, but if any mod can jump in with an answer, please do. Thanks for the therapy!!


    got it! looks like the checkout pages call specifically on the


    in custom.css

    by separating that from


    i can independently change the width of the checkout/shopping cart/my account content areas without messing with the portfolio width.

    hopefully this thread makes some sense if anybody wants to make a similar adjustment. cheers.



    Glad that you found the solution yourself. Great job! :)



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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