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    Hey. I am using the Avisio theme and have mainly been using it to upload personal audio as well as writings. I have used the portfolio options on both these pages which were working fine before. Today, however, the portfolio options page became empty and this caused those pages to become empty as well. There doesn’t seem anything adverse on my side since I was working on it today and it was working fine, I came back a little while later and everything as messed up. The website is http://www.pureway,org, although I took down the featured audio page which was having the problems, it can still be seen in the articles page: I also have images of what we see:

    The portfolio options page:

    The Portfolio categories page:

    The articles page:

    I’ve checked around the forums and couldn’t find a solution for this. Thank you for your help in advance.


    Hi mhussa4,

    Did you install any plugins? If so, I suggest disabling the plugins then reactivating them one by one to see which plugin may be causing the issue.




    We’ve deactivated all plugins, and it still doesn’t work. We’ve also removed the plugins folder and checked, still no luck.



    This is a bit weird. Did you edit anything on the theme files?




    Nope. We haven’t touched the code at all in the last few weeks. Doing only front-end work.

    We did do some work long ago in the code, instead of lastest posts appearing at the bottom, we had portfolio items appear there. But that was nearly a month ago with no problems at all. This problem occured just recently.



    I will forward this to Kriesi and the other support staff.




    Hi mhussa4,

    I still see at least Yoast SEO and W3 Total cache still running on the site. Please deactivate these then check the Portfolio options page again.

    Another possible solution is to try switching the sites theme to the wordpress Twenty Eleven theme then changing back to Avisio to try and re-fresh the display of the basic theme options (again make sure all plugins are de-activated).

    If after that you are still having issues, I would suggest trying re-upload the theme files again while keeping a backup of all the changes you have made to customize the theme for your site so that you can re-apply them.

    Let us know how it goes :)




    The problem doesn’t seem to have been with the theme files; we threw in a fresh copy of wp-admin and that seems to have done to the trick. So, the situation is resolved now. Thanks for your efforts.


    Glad that fixed the issue for you and thanks for the update :)

    Let us know if you have any others issue.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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