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    I’ve set my “portfolio” page to show up on the front page of my site but it does not. There’s a header on the page, but not portfolio. It’s not until you click the ‘portfolio’ link in the menu that the portfolio finally does show up. What am I missing here? Thanks!


    Hi merchant4,

    It looks like you might have set your Portfolio page to be displayed as the frontpages content. What you will need to do instead is use a Portfolio element in the template you are using for the frontpage.

    It will then have its own set of options and be independent of the options you set under the Theme Options>Portfolio for the “Portfolio” page.





    I’m having the same problem. My frontpage doesn’t display anything, only the buttons of my other pages (Portfolio, Contact, Blog). I would like to have some of my latest projects display on my hompage. How can I do that?

    Thank you,




    How is your homepage setup? By default, the homepage shows a blog archive – the past posts ordered by date. You can change that by creating a page and designating it as your new homepage. Login to the admin area and click on – Angular > Theme Options

    One of the options on the Theme Options page is ‘Frontpage Settings’ , and this is where you select the Page you created that you want to be your home page.

    At this point you create a custom template – Angular > Template Builder. You would create a name for your template, then populate it with the various Elements that you want to show up, one of those elements is the Portfolio. After you save , you return to the page you’ve designated as your homepage, and add the dynamic template you’ve just created.

    I made a quick tutorial as to how to make a custom home page in Angular Theme ->



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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