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    Love the flagship theme but facing 3 problems

    1) can i add meta field? nothing seems to work when i press the + button.

    2) where cna i edit the hero note? right now its Welcome to flagship…

    3) social bookmarks. we just need two. cant seem to delete one. and when i hover the RSS icon, it hovers back to the envelope icon.

    4) for the right sidebar option for portfolio, can i change the sidebar here? i notice it follows the ‘appears everywhere’ but that list of pages, i dont see where that is coming from.

    and i notice that when i change a field, it doesnt reflect the change. like, if i choose a selection from the drop down menu, i dont see it until i save it. kinda confusing a bit. For example, i select NO. but i still see yes in the drop down field. only when i save, i see NO. get what i mean?


    AHAH! i was using google chrome 11. so no 1) and 3) and the ‘delay edit’ is solved. still cant figure out 2) and 4) :)

    now using google 19.


    Hi aio193,

    To edit the hero text go to Flagship > Template Builder > Frontpage > Text Area / Callout / Quotes. To change the sidebar, go to Flagship > Theme Options > Sidebar and create a new sidebar for your Portfolio then go to Appearance > Widgets to populate the sidebar.

    Hope this helps!



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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