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    Love the theme!

    At the top of the portfolio page it shows a small menu listing all the categories in my portfolio as links.

    All / Available / Discovery Bay / Sheung Wan / Wanchai

    Is it possible to change this order to

    Available / All / Wanchai / Sheung Wan / Discovery Bay




    Yes, you can use plugins like: Taxonomy Order or Taxonomy Order Pro

    Best regards,



    Fantastic! thanks Peter :)



    Glad that I could help you :)




    Hi Peter,

    I used the Taxonomy order pro to arrange the different portfolio categories into the necessary order – however I can’t get rid of the default “All” field. When I load my page it defaults to “All” and shows everything in my portfolio however I want it to default to “Available now” and also still be sortable.

    I tried to change a few things in loop-portfolio.php but haven’t been able to work it out. namely, i tried creating this line:

    $output .= ““.__(‘Available Now’,’avia_framework’).”“;

    and put it in place of the original line:

    $output .= ““.__(‘All’,’avia_framework’).”“;

    I hope you are able to steer me in the right direction. Sorry for the trouble.


    if(!isset($avia_config) || $avia_config == ‘yes’)




    $output = “<div id=’js_sort_items’ >”;

    $hide = “hidden”;

    if (isset($categories[1])){ $hide = “”; }

    $output .= “<div class=’sort_by_cat $hide ‘>”;

    $output .= ““.__(‘All’,’avia_framework’).”“;

    /*$output .= ““.__(‘Available Now’,’avia_framework’).”“;*/

    foreach($categories as $category)


    $output .= “<span class=’text-sep’>/</span>category_nicename.”_sort’>”.$category->cat_name.”“;

    $container_id .= $category->term_id;


    $output .= “</div>”;

    $output .= “</div>”;

    echo $output;




    Sorry .. it turned the hrefs into actual links :)

    I put this:

    $output .= “<AHREF=’#’ data-filter=’available_sort’ class=’active_sort’>”.__(‘Available Now’,’avia_framework’).””;

    to replace this:

    $output .= “<AHREF=’#’ data-filter=’all_sort’ class=’active_sort’>”.__(‘All’,’avia_framework’).””;


    I think you need to preserve the data filter – “available_sort” simply doesn’t exist. However you can try following code:

    $output .= "<AHREF='#' data-filter='all_sort' class='active_sort'>".__('Available Now','avia_framework')."";


    Thanks for the reply Peter … yeh you are right there ..

    seems I will have to play around with the jquery function thats controlling the filtering in avia.js ( $.fn.avia_iso_sort = function(options) ).

    cheers, Brooke.



    I’ll close the thread now :)



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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