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    I am building a site with upscale theme. In the site i have made a portfolio (2) But when i take a look at the portfolio style thats shown on the kreisi site it looks quite different. Can you tell me how i can change the style of to the one thats on your site?



    your link points to a portfolio items archive page and not to a portfolio page. How to create a portfolio page:

    1) Add a new page (Pages > Add New) – you can use any page title, slug, etc.

    2) Create one or more portfolio items (Portfolio Items > Add New) and assign them to one or more portfolio categories.

    3) Go to Upscale > Theme Options > Portfolio and select the page as portfolio page and select one or more portfolio categories which should be displayed on this portfolio page. Then save the settings. You can create more portfolio pages by clicking on the green plus symbol in the bottom right corner.


    Thank you, but how do i split the 2 models? I want 1 page with genesis models and a page with Launchermodels. now they are all on the same page (on both pages actualy


    And another thing, how do i change the sizeof the enlarged image, the modelbikes are now cut of at the top and bottom


    Now i’m realy lost. I made the portfolio so that when you get to an overview you see 4 types of models. I got 1 showing al the colortypes but when i do exactly the same to other posts with links to catagories the just wont show… what am i not getting?


    Dude, can you help me out here? When i go to the overview page i get a nice page, then i click Genesis I and that is ok the images are not ok (see previous question) Then i click a color and i get the same image… Why? And i can see somehow that the other items like Launcher are a different route…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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