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    Hi Guys,

    I’ve got two issues with my site:

    1: The portfolio page contains 5 entries but the last two entries do not completely load in ajax (they do when I refresh the page)

    This only happens when I remove the cookies from the browser and visit the site for the first time

    This is the portfolio page:

    Falls river & waterfall creek don’t load properly


    My site appears to have some html errors….

    – Is it important to fix these?

    – How can I fix these

    Thanks for the help




    Hey Jeff,

    I think it might be due to the size of the main header background image you are using and it causing things to load in very slowly combined with the rest of the images for all the various tours.

    You can try some of the various caching plugins out there but you will probably have the most benefit from just going through and re saving your images to smaller file sizes.




    Hi Devon,

    Yes think that was is, reduced the size of the top image 100 kb and now they load fine.

    Indeed a cache plugin is also a good idea, although setting those plugins corrently can be difficult.

    What about the html errors… is that a bad thing?






    No, it is ok. The format of the site is on PHP and it is natural for the validator to see some errors because it is checking the site as HTML5. :)




    Listing tag


    does not work if I include portfolio item on page.

    Please see this page.

    Points under “CORE FACTS”, “KEY MARKET SERVED” and so on has listing tags but it does not show properly.

    Any suggestion?





    @Ashish – You are not adding a style to your LI so it defaults to the default theme style. Please try something like:

    <ul class="my_unordered_list">
    <li class="my_list_item"> .... </li>

    then add to your custom.css file, or to Quick CSS in the backend of the theme some definition of how you want you list to be displayed

    ul.my_unordered_list {



    li.my_list_item {



    This way only the lists with that css class will have the style you want.

    You can look on these two pages for the various ways you can customize the look of your LI



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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