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    I’m working with the Levitation theme. I need to create many portfolio pages for my site. The documentation included with my purchase illustrates this capability: “New and a very unique feature is the option to set up as many portfolios as you want. Just choose a new page and display the same or other categories of your choice.” Once I reach 9 portfolios, however, I can’t create anymore. Please advise.



    yes I’m sorry. It’s a limitation of Levitations framework. You can only create 9 portfolio pages. Themes like Display since Version 2.0, CleanCut, Habitat and Avisio have a newer framework which doesn’t have this drawback anymore. Maybe Kriesi updates Levitation too but I’m not aware of any upcoming updates at the moment.


    Is there *any* way around this? I have a couple weeks sunk into building a new site with this theme, only to run into this problem today when I am almost finished (I need 10 portfolios). This is deeply disappointing.

    Funnily enough I’m not really interested in starting over with a new theme. HOWEVER- *if* I were to switch, which theme is closest to Levitation on the back end (in terms of the way it uses posts, categories, pages, sidebars, etc)?



    I’m sorry to say that there is no way around the 9 portfolio limit. When the template / framework was designed it wasn’t considered that a user would need more than 9 portfolios and the codebase limits what could be done to adjust this.

    In the end, the framework had a major update before the release of Display and CleanCut which don’t have this limitation.

    The latest themes (Avisio / Cleancut / Habitat) are all very similar in the backend / options available – which one you’d pick would depend on which design / homepage and pages layout you prefer. I’ll talk to Kriesi to see if there’s anything we can do to help you get a replacement theme.




    Update: Please contact Kriesi through this Contact form (please include a link to this topic) and we’ll work something out :)

    Best regards,



    I bought Avisio and Display yesterday- the basic structure of Display is similar, but the formatting in terms of thumbnail sizes, etc., is way off. Avisio uses custom post types, so I’d have a lot of copying and pasting to do, and the formatting is way off there too. I had done a fair bit of styling and customization on Levitation. There are bunch of little annoying differences, like the way Display doesn’t by default let you link to a page, which I’m going to have to put back in manually. I’m running into a hard deadline and this has really pretty much ruined my week.

    This 9 portfolio limit needs to be advertised in flashing text when you buy this theme.

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