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    Hi, I have downloaded your dummy sites and inside the portfolio I overwrote some categories and also added some new ones. Then I linked it to the main menu. When clicking on one of the “dummy” categories it comes with right sidebar, when clicking on the new ones the layout is full site. All informations from the right sidebar are down in the footer section with this layout. My question no is where is the “default” like dummy button (for dummies :-) ) to switch the template back to dummy style? The next thing is that the entries in the overwritten dummy portfolio entries have fixed featured images sizes, new entries dont get this and apear in full size like in the function.php described. Here I would like to get it in the same way as in the dummy entries.

    Thanks for Help! ReiniF


    Hi ReiniF,

    I tried to reproduce the issue of categories showing without a sidebar but the archive layout always showed one for me. Do you have a link where I can take a look at the issue?

    The settings for each portfolio item can be changed in the Featured Media box that is underneath the editor.


    Hey Devin, here are both links:

    The good:

    and the bad:

    and the ugly is at the end of the bad, the footer section ;-)

    Thanks, ReiniF


    Hey ReiniF,

    Can you create a temporary admin account for me and send the details to: DevinVinson(at)

    I’m not quite sure what setting and where is causing the issue and I’m not able to reproduce it on my end.

    Thanks :)


    Thanks Devin, I already did it you should get a password with mail. If not, please inform me.


    Hi ReiniF,

    I got the login details and will forward them over to another Support staff who can navigate the German WP a little better than I can :)



    an unnecessary paragraph closing tag caused the error ( I found it here ). I removed it from the post and both archives display correct now.


    WOW! Thanks to you guys!!! ******+ for the theme and ******+ for the after sale service !

    @dude: To avoid this problem in future, which paragraph tag has it been? ( I copied an article text from my old site (joomla), paste it in wp and cleaned the html tags here.)

    Greetinx, ReiniF


    Imho it was just a leftover. It was located at the very end of the text.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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