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    Hi Kriesi Team
    We have Flagship v1.6 installed at and have portfolio items inserted as part of the ‘home page’ template. Can you please advise if the theme may be causing the majority of the time the last line of portfolio items to load very slowly or do not load at all? AJAX is off for this page and the portfolio is not sortable. Upon page refresh in browser, all the portfolio items appear instantly.
    We host with WPEngine and also have a CDN configured for static content such as images and css etc.
    Thanks DGM171.


    Hey DGM171!

    The CDN actually seems to be a major bottleneck in load time. Just checking in chrome dev tools the images from the cdn are loading in on the portfolio items 12 seconds after everything else.

    My guess is that because it takes so long for the content to load in the portfolio ends its height calculation on the end rows and sets them all to 0 for the slideshow height.

    Try tweaking or maybe disabling the cdn and see if that helps.



    Thanks Devin, I will investigate the CDN slowness with the hosts.

    Cheers DGM171.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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