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    I am using the portfolio items for a specific content type on the website.

    I need a few more features to be added to the content.

    1- How do I assign authors to each portfolio item similar to posts?

    2- How do I switch on the “comments” for portfolio items as “reviews” ?

    3- Propulsion theme is already doing some job for listing the portfolio items belonging to specific categories on the portfolio page. However I need specific pages for sorting and listing the portfolio items belonging to different taxonomies, categories.

    For example:

    portfolio item: eiffel tower

    taxonomies: paris, france, history

    I like the similar items to be listed on the page:


    with a filter option “history”

    visually just like “latest portfolio entries” tab you can add to the front page.

    Can you help?


    Hi a b,

    You’ll need to look into a freelance wordpress developer for that as it will add a good bit of new code to add in the functionality directly to the theme.

    Alternatively, you could look into finding a plugin that will add additional taxonmoies for you. It may take a little work to find the right one but its a possibly free alternative to hiring a freelance developer.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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