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    Kind of difficult to explain, but when I either navigate to the portfolio page or the individual portfolio items they load half the image, then there is a brief pause, then the second half loads. It’s bothering me and I really would like to fix this if possible before I launch.

    I don’t remember the portfolio doing this previously so it could be something I did in the styling, but I’m not sure. Any ideas?


    Using Firefox.

    Thank you




    Your images need to be optimized , Please use this free service http://tinypng.org/ to make each of your .png images 60%+ smaller. I just took this image http://mynewsite.headbentdesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Sybreed_new.png which is 333.5k down to 127.4k without any loss in quality.

    Also please update your theme, you are using an older version. You will need to login to themeforest.com with the account you’ve purchased the theme with and download the update. Please be aware that the update will overwrite all your theme files including custom css. Please make sure to use a backup. In the future, you need to use a child theme so that the original files are not edited, this way you will be able to update easier.




    Hmm, this is odd. I used this app to optimize my images. http://imageoptim.com/

    Not sure why it didn’t take. Maybe because I optimized numerous images at once. I will try that again, and try another app that you suggested.

    Another question, I kept all of my custom css in the custom section. I’ve never lost any of my styling when conforming to this. Is creating a (child theme) suggested even beyond this method? I was under the impression that the sole purpose for adding custom styling to the designated custom area was so that edits would not be lost when updating the theme.

    Thanks for your help Nick. Just trying to get this right. I will learn child themes regardless, but just curious about the custom.css area and it’s purpose.



    Ok, back again. Wanted to update my recent experience with updating my theme so others might get something out of it.

    First, after updating to 1.3 I did not lose any of the styling I added in the custom styling panel. What I did have to add back to the header.php file was my Google and Adobe Typekit fonts. But everything else remained. I also created a new folder on my server named eunoia 2 and placed the latest eunoia version 1.3 file inside of it. This way I didn’t have to delete my previously installed theme (just in case I needed to get any info from it). I DID use Backupbuddy to back everything up before I did ANYTHING. Also, when I uploaded the eunoia .zip to the new eunoia 2 folder, I created another folder and named it eunoia_1.3 and palced the .zip inside—then extracted the contents from the .zip. That’s it. The new updated theme was now showing in my WP theme panel.

    TOTALLY unconventional, but worked for me. I am still going to learn how to create child themes as Nick suggested. Just good practice. This was an easier option and a quick fix, but again, probably unconventional.

    To conclude, updating the theme did not solve my portfolio image-loading issues. Still choppy, so I will optimize all my images as Nick suggested and see if this works. I will update shortly.


    Ok, optimized my portfolio images. Still loading incorrectly. Not sure what’s going here. Any more ideas Nick?



    Hi headbentdesign,

    You could try removing all of the css changes you’ve made then adding them back in one by one. It looks like it has something to do with the container for loading in the slideshow but I’m just not able to identify what is actually causing the image to not be hidden during the load.

    I’ll tag Peter as he may have a better idea just from taking a look what might be the cause.




    Thanks Devin, I will do this.



    I imported your image into my local setup and all worked fine without the effect you are experiencing

    Please look here http://i.imgur.com/mo4BGLy.png

    That the comparison of the code block between mine and your page. You can try switching to a fade slider. Because I am not sure if the other differences are because of you using a different slider or some customization you’ve made.




    Hmmm, ok. Thanks Nick.

    I will try some things out and update my results. I really made it a point to keep my customizations clean as possible. But I could have messed something up. Maybe I will copy all my customizations and delete them, then adding one at a time like Devin mentioned. Just haven’t had the time, but i will do this and keep this thread going with the result. Forgive me for my late responses. I’m not getting the RSS feed.



    Ok, update.

    I deleted ALL of my custom css code and the portfolio images were (still) loading weird.

    I also tried to use “fade slider” instead of the “moving slider,” with no luck.

    I WILL figure this out! . . . somehow. :-)


    Ok, I may not have resolved the primary issue, . . . but by finessing the individual portfolio posts, I ended up with a much better outcome.

    *By disabling the “slideshow” it fixed the image load issue, (and) I also changed the portfolio layout to display the text next to smaller images instead of beneath. Happier than my original layout.

    Conclusion, . . . this theme is so nice and flexible, it was a small hurdle in my opinion, . . . that ultimately ended in a better decision.

    THANK YOU Devin and Nick. You helped get me here.



    Thanks Pat. If you got any other issues we will try our best to solve them. Enjoy the theme!



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