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    I have bought Avisio a few weeks ago and started to re-create my website with WP3 and the new theme.

    Since I’m an artist, I’d like to feature my drawings in Avisio’s portfolio.

    (My pictures have an aspect ratio from 3:2 to 4:3, most have a landscape format but some are upright too.)

    First I created several portfolio pages, categories and items.

    Now I’d like to assign a thumbnail to the portfolio items, which is used on the portfolio page.

    It looks like this thumbnail is also displayed at the top of the portfolio item.

    I’ve tried several image resolutions and also adjusted the thumbnail & images size in WordPress’ Mediathek, but one of these two images is always stretched or cropped.

    Please tell me how to use the portfolio images, in a way that doesn’t destroy the look of my art.


    Hello again,

    I can’t continue to build the site, so I’d really appreciate your hints!

    Am I the first who experiences problems with the portfolio images?


    Come on I’m still waiting for this!

    Please tell me, if you can’t understand what I’m talking of …


    Hey, sorry for the delay there’s a bit of a backlog which I’m clearing :)

    I’ve come across this “issue” already, the resized images don’t maintain the same ratio for the full size, medium and small.

    I’ve gotten around this by uploading the images at 940px by 440px having cropped / resized to show the content I want to show. Without adjusting the sizes of the images (in functions.php) along with the background images you can’t keep the same ratio throughout.




    Hello James,

    thank you for your efforts!

    Unfortunately your hint did not work for me… I have done the following:

    1) manually resized an image to 940 x 440px,

    2) upload and choose it as a preview picture of an portfolio item,

    3) when I look at the portfolio item the image looks alright, but the portfolio overview shows a cropped image again.

    (No changes in any of the PHP or CSS files.)

    I wonder if the chosen settings for WordPress’ Mediathek thumbnail size might conflict with your image handling?

    Why can’t your handle images the way WordPress does? I have never had these issues before…

    Because my art does not always feature the same aspect ratio (ranging from about 3:2 to 4:3) and because the images have landscape format and upright format as well, I really need further help!

    I doubt that I can build my website without the support of flexible aspect ratios (which includes landscape – and upright format).

    Please let me know if you can understand my explanations and reproduce the stretching/cropping.


    This is how WordPress handles images, they are resized according to the sizes set in functions.php.

    You can modify these values to maintain the ratio, but all your images will need re-uploading as well as the box shadow images needing adjusting (this is fairly easy and is included with the PSD).

    I’m sorry there’s no easier solution.


    Hello James,

    thank you for not leaving me alone with this problem!

    I’m afraid but I think you still didn’t quite understand what I’m talking of… obviously Avisio lacks support for images that have a bigger height than width (upright format). Because it basically crops top and bottom of the image until it matches the defined width and height (obviously landscape format). This is not only true for the upright – landscape conflict, but also affects all images that don’t exactly match the defined aspect ratio!

    I have spend a lot of time searching for the source of this issue, and I can finally tell you that it is quite easy to resize the images correct. WordPress already cares about it! The last parameter of the function set_post_thumbnail_size() (lots_of_small_helpers.php : 202, 209) you’re calling, determines whether to crop or zoom the image… and I would greatly encourage you to drop this parameter and let WordPress resize the images as needed. In addition to this you’d also have to change the timthumb parameter “zc=1” (kriesi_post_thumb.php : 55) to “zc=0”.

    Unfortunately just resizing the images correct does not do the trick. Furthermore I’d really like you to adjust the CSS (of portfolio overview and portfolio items) in order to represent the change from fixed- to flexible (image-) size!

    I know this would cause some extra work, but honestly I have to tell you that this was what I expected when I paid $ 40 for this theme.

    Please don’t get me wrong, I still love Avisio – this is meant to be a constructive criticism!



    I’ll ask Kriesi to comment as to whether the changes you request will be included in an update :)




    Thank you very much for considering an update…

    I would greatly appreciate your efforts!



    I’m having a similar problem with portfolio images. I display books on my website <; which need to be vertical (portrait). I changed the size of the images in the functions.php, then erased the shading in the shadow files. How do I get rid of the image border or, preferably, how do I change the size of the thin border line that extends past the book cover image on the portfolio page and the portfolio detail page?



    Hi genesiscom,

    thank you for replying to this thread, I’m glad to see that others experience these problems as well!

    To answer your question: In order to remove the image border (or adjust its size) you have to change the CSS.

    Unfortunately this won’t do the trick for you (as it doesn’t do for me)… because Avisio currently only supports one fixed aspect ratio (predefined for each image size). Since you also have horizontal (landscape) images besides the vertical (portrait) ones, the changes you did to functions.php fixed the vertical images, but broke the horizontal ones (as you can see here: ).

    As I’ve already pointed out above, it’s quite easy to get WordPress to handle the images correct, but some extra CSS is needed. I hope Kriesi considers an update of this theme of address this issue soon… I’m still waiting for it and would like to know how things are going on!


    Hi Siebenstein,

    Actually almost all of my images are book covers in the portrait orientation. So, other than the large slider images, I could live with all the others being tall.

    Do you know how to change the aspect ration in the style css for the border? or remove it entirely?


    I’m sorry genesiscom, but I still expect Kriesi to fix this issue for us…

    In the meantime two weeks have passed and I got very little support – I’d really like Kriesi or his staff to make a decision in this concern and finally inform me! I’m quite disappointed about the way things are going here, since the support forum was one of the reasons I bought Avisio, too.

    @kriesi: Bitte lass mich nicht noch länger hängen, eine zeitnahe Rückmeldung halte ich für angebracht!



    This is still marked for Kriesi’s attention, I imagine he’ll provide an update he can.



    James, is there a way to remove the image border on portfolio pages? Or, make it narrower? Thanks!


    *bump* come on… !



    The image border on the Portfolio pages can be reduced or removed but there are quite a few steps to complete this. Before you start, bear in mind that the image size needs adjusting in functions.php and this requires all your existing images to be re-uploaded because WordPress resizes them when you upload them according to the sizes set.

    To reduce the border size:

    1.) Open up style.css and change:

    #top .framed img { /* line 1534 */
    padding: 6px;

    reducing the 6px as appropriate (eg to 3px).

    2.) Open up functions.php and find this code:

    $k_option['custom']['imgSize']['M'] = array('width'=>192, 'height'=>130);		// medium preview pic for portfolio with 4 columns
    $k_option['custom']['imgSize']['M3'] = array('width'=>274, 'height'=>170); // medium preview pic for portfolio with 3 columns
    $k_option['custom']['imgSize']['M2'] = array('width'=>436, 'height'=>230); // medium preview pic for portfolio with 2 columns
    $k_option['custom']['imgSize']['L'] = array('width'=>574, 'height'=>268); // image for blog posts and 1 column portfolio

    Depending on which portfolio layout you chose, you need to adjust one (or more) of the width and height values. For whatever value you reduced the padding by in step 1, add double the value to the width. eg If you reduce 6px to 3px in step 1, you need to change width 192 (for 4 columns) to width 198 and height from 130 to 136.

    3.) Re-upload the images for your Portfolio entries – if you don’t the images will appear stretched.

    To remove the image border completely, including the background image:

    1.) Open up style.css and change:

    #top .framed img { /* line 1534 */
    padding: 6px;


    #top .framed img { /* line 1534 */
    padding: 0;

    2.) Open up /css/style1.css (or whichever style you chose), find and delete this code:

    .framed span {
    background:url("../images/skin1/bg_gradiant_image.png") repeat-x scroll left bottom #FFFFFF;
    border:1px solid #E1E1E1;


    .framed_one_third {
    background:url("../images/skin1/framed_one_third.png") repeat-x scroll center bottom #FFFFFF;

    3.) Open up functions.php and adjust the images’ height and width to be 12px larger than the default.

    4.) Re-upload your images, if you don’t they will appear stretched.

    Let me know if you get stuck or need clarification on anything.



    Thanks, James. That worked great. How do I center the book cover image instead of having it positioned to the left relative to the page wording?



    James, one more thing… I can’t get the apostrophe ( ‘ ) to show up on the single portfolio pages:

    I’ve tried ’





    For the image alignment, you’d have to edit the image and add white space to the left and right of the book to centre it, WordPress won’t do it for you :(

    For the missing ‘ – by the looks of it, the font doesn’t include that character: You would need to find another similar font to use, try Font Squirrel for a wide selection.



    Dear Avisio support team,

    it’s been more than a month since I bought your theme.

    Unfortunately I soon got into trouble with images featured in the portfolio.

    It looks like Avisio is not capable of handling varying aspect ratios (landscape as well as portrait format).

    I’d like to express my frustrations with your support, since I even pointed you to the few weak points in your code!

    All I asked for was an adjustment of the CSS… and I still did not get an answer saying whether or not you are going to fix the crappy image handling.

    I’ve been told this was on Kriesi’s todo list last week… as well as the week before last – I’ve spend enough money and (even more annoying) time, to deserve a decision in this concern soon!

    I ask you one more time to get into contact with me, I’m really tired of this uncertainly waiting…



    First of all I am sorry that you had to wait that long for an answer.

    Second: That “crappy Image handling” has worked for about 15000 customers of mine. I know that there are limitations to this system but overal I think there are a lot more people out there who dont want different sized images and don’t want to waste a second thought about the uploaded images, so I am sorry but I have to decline, there wont be any changes to this system.

    Sincere appologies once again for the long delay just to hear that the feature wont be added.

    Best regards



    James or Kriesi,

    I looked at a glyph chart for Cardo ( and it seems to have tons of glyphs, but they don’t all show up on my Avisio site. I saw a thread to expand the fonts available for a Cleancut theme. Would the process be the same for Avisio? Cardo does not display basic punctuation on Avisio.




    Yes, you need to generate a new cufon file at – afterwards follow Kriesis tutorial here:


    I’m wondering if I could get a little help, I’m very new to this, but do understand some coding if necessary…. I have my portfolio images, their original size is 850 x 400. When I set the parameters to show 3 columns, the images are reduced is size (naturally), however, it is not reducing the size, it is cropping the size, so I am only getting the center of the image, when what I really want is just a smaller size of the entire image to be displayed.

    Is this possible? Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated.


    You can set special sized thumbnails as portfolio preview images. Go to your post/page editor where you can create portfolio items and you’ll see the options field on the right side where you can enter a path to your correct sized thumbnails.


    I too am having resizing of thumbnail problems. The thumbnail is large and not sized properly, neither is the image in the portfolio, post, or page, all are enlarged slightly distorting the picture. This is why I bought this theme, to use the thumbnails as menu items. I have used the regenerate thumbnails plugin, didn’t help. I sure hope you can help.

    I am using Brightbox, and WP 3.3

    Thank you very much!



    The menu columns have a width of 200px. Make sure that your images will fit into it, otherwise they’ll be distorted. You can try to adjust the thumbnails height in functions.php – this can be very useful if the aspect ratio varies from the predefined thumbnails. Afterwards regenerate the thumbnails with the “regenerate thumbnails plugin”.


    Came across this thread because I have a similiar issue with the Abundance theme.

    Of course a theme developer can decide what he does include and what not, but the very “decisive” (to use a friendly word) reply from Kriesi is one year ago, the WP world is developing, and so are the needs of your customers.

    People get used to more sophisticated and versatile image handling in general and expect that from their themes. From your themes as well.

    If you do not want to change your framework – fine.

    But one very small thing that would not require to change the image handling of the avia framework in general, but would make an additional 30% of your user base happy (yes, there ARE users out there who do use portrait images, book covers, etc. on their sites… not just wide-screen style monkeys… ;-) ):

    How about including a setting in the theme options (or in the editor on a post by post basis) to set the origin of the cropping.

    WordPress supports that.

    If we could chose to have images cropped not in the middle, but e.g. the upper or lower part, things would be way better, e.g. book covers would not look randomly destroyed…




    To be honest I don’t think we’ll change the thumbnail resize functions anytime soon because I’m not aware of a wp function which allows you to “set the origin of the cropping”. According to , , and there’s no way to change the image section but only the size and cropping behaviour itself (which is already supported).

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