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    i have created a number of pages for portfolio items that should display several images, however, i have tried to rearrange, removed and added another back in again, etc, and for some reason it is showing one less than what is in the entry; eg, here’s an example – there are 4 images in the entry but it’s only displaying 3:

    perhaps this has something to do with modifying the code to display the control buttons at all times? please advise

    thank you, jodi


    bump, please :)


    sorry, but i need to know if this can be fixed, so i am bumping again, hoping for a reply




    Maybe you need to change the theme settings. Go to Angular > Theme Options > Layout & Settings and select “Display default slideshow on overview pages and on single entries”

    Best regards,



    OMG! i feel like a complete idiot! yes, of course that worked

    i think i have spent too much time adding in hundreds of items to step back, breathe, and see the obvious…

    thank you, peter, as always

    a very humble jodi

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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