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    Good morning, just found out that the portfolio item or the site displaying the thumnails crashs when loading in iPad. The start site( is with the Angular dynamicTemplate), here the last two preview images are not loading but part of the site is not crashing. The portfolio site ( is defined as 4 colums in Theme options>portfolio), this one loads the first 8-10 entries, than it crashs. The site does not close, only the part with the previews crashs down. When clicking on the portfolio categories it seems to be wrong in the placement of the thumnails. I switched off all plugins, but without success. (iPad 2)

    Here the link:


    Thanks, regards, ReiniF


    To complete my request, I have the same problem when linking to your demo site, so it should be a bug?



    Are there any suggestions how to solve this problem?

    Thanks, ReiniF



    I’ll ask Kriesi to look into it. I don’t own an i-device and I couldn’t reproduce the problem with my developer tools or different browser agents. Hopefully Kriesi has an ipad and can reproduce the issue.


    Thanks Dude, I can give mine for trial. ;-)) We tried it out with another Ipad 1, there it worked. Maybe its a specific problem or an Ipad 2 thing. If I can test it with another pad I will inform you!



    I have ordered an iPad 3 now to test the issue, maybe I can reproduce the problems. If thats th case an update will of course follow soon ;)

    Best regards,



    since you’ve ordered the ipad 3, please check out the problems with the layout i’ve mentioned in my other thread : portfolio titles going off the page when they are too long, as i consistently get that on my ipad3.

    And also the possibility to keep the next/previous portfolio image hover buttons visibile at all times as without using the lightbox or waiting for the slideshow, you can’t progress to the next image.



    I’ve tagged the posts for Kriesi to look at once he has the new ipad to test with. Thanks for the heads up on them, so often little details go un-reported and overlooked :)



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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