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    as looking in this post

    it’s possible to resize the portfolio images. they are working pretty well.

    but i found out that you can also change the image size of the feature image.

    and the problem is that the feature image won’t be rezised.

    my task is this:

    i have images all with 1000px height. and set the feature image height to 370px.

    i link the portfolio image to lightbox. when clicking at it shows a the picture in the lightbox that is rezised to your screen. to have a more detailed look you can click the upper right corner to see the full image which is a nice feature.

    but when actually viewing the portfolio item by clicking at the post title the feature image is not really resized but cutted off at the top and the bottom. it simply won’t show the whole image with new aspect ratio.

    how can i change this?

    all my best


    it would be cool to have a solution before the end of the year.

    best regards


    Can you elaborate please? Basically the slider can display different sized preview thumbnails.


    yes i know. the thing is that the feature image of a portfolio item won’t be resized anyway?

    maybe there is a difference between a portfolio item and post and pages.

    the portfolio section works fine and i can resize all the pictures with that cool plugin that you mentioned.

    the thing is that whenever you click at the title the portfolio item is displayed like a post.

    but the feature image is not resized. the format is okay (height = 370 px) but the 1000px picture as a feature image is just cutted off at the top and the bottom. so you won’t see the whole picture.


    It works correct for me. Maybe you did not select “Full Size” as thumbnail size?


    in the upload section from the “add feature image(s)” I just set it to “full size” before clicking “use image as feature image”!

    it doesn’t work though. the real picture height is 500px and the feature image height is 370px.

    the feature image is still cutted.


    any news?



    I’m not sure what you mean either, when uploading a new image you can select full size and then use it as featured image and the size shouldn’t change at all, however the thumbnail will be 243×125. It works fine for me. Maybe you could provide screenshots?


    happy new year!

    its funny that you both don’t understand my problem.

    maybe it’s just to simple.

    i made you a few screenshots of an portfolio article.;;

    picture 1 shows theportfolio item with an allready wrong resized image.

    picture 2 show the lightbox version where you can see the right aspect ratio.

    picture 3 shows you the feature image with the wrong resized image again (it’s only cutted and not resized).

    hope now you got the flavor of what i want to achieve.

    best regards



    to add a few lines that will help to understand my problem.

    it’s not the rezise that don’t work!

    it’s the aspect ration of the pictures.


    any news?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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