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    Hi there,

    is it possible to increase the width of the text of the portfolio items in the choices theme? Either by making the side image smaller, or by making it fullwidth/sidebar with image on top?

    Also, if this can be done, can it be done selectively to only certain items?


    1) Yes, open up wp-contentthemeschoicesincludesloop-portfolio-single.php and search for

    <div class="eight units alpha min_height_1">


    <div class="four units entry-content">

    Replace the “four” and “eight” class with another valid unit – overall they must not exceed “twelve”. Eg you can use “nine” and “three” instead or “ten” and “two”.

    2) No, that’s not easily possible especially because you maybe need to change the thumbnail size too and maybe some css adjustments to the portfolio text, etc. are required.


    Is this possible to do on the main portfolio page for the ajax section also?


    Hi SAdesignsUnltd,

    Yes but you need to edit the function. In functions-choices.php look for the avia_check_ajax_request function and inside of it will be a similar structure to the above except it uses fractions and not the grid.

    echo "<div class='flex_column two_third first'>";


    echo "<div class='portfolio-entry one_third'>";

    So you can change the two_third and one_third to make up 1 using one_half and one_half for example.




    Thanks, will try it out.



    Let us know if it works. :)



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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