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    Previously I was still using version 1.4.1 but decided to upgrade. I changed all the css and files according to what I had changed in version 1.4.1 how ever when I activated version 2.0 and go to one of the portfolio pages I noticed it doesnt have a page count. IE I have it set to only show 6 items per page. So there should be numbers for page 1 2 3. Im not sure why it isnt working because I didn’t change any of the functions or framework that would control that. So I had to reactivate version 1.4.1. Any Idea why this is happening? Thanks!


    It seems the issue is with the pagination file. I pasted the pagination file from version 1.4.1 into version 2.0 and the numbers for the other pages shows up. Im just not certain whether this will cause issues with other parts of the site. Any suggestions?


    What file do you mean? pagination.php?



    Yes the pagination.php file. I couldn’t get the site to recognize that there were more items in the portfolio page with out switching to the older version of pagination.php I have it set to limit 6 items per page, but there were maybe 14 or so items in the portfolio page and it wouldn’t show that there were other pages with the portfolio without using the older php file.


    I report this to Kriesi – it seems to be a bug. I compared both versions (Display 1.4 vs 2.0) and it seems that some framework changes cause the pagination problem. I would use the old pagination file for now – if the pagination function works for the blog and portfolio page everything is fine.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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