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    hi, I’m using flagship and I am having a number of issues with portfolios:

    portfolio sort options not displaying – even when box is checked

    portfolio posts with portrait image displaying full height image in preview – breaking alignment and coming out of box

    new portfolio posts appearing at end of portfolio and sort order reversed – oldest posts are first not last

    site is


    Hey jeffunity,

    For the sorting, check the Frontpage template in your template builder and expand the options for the Portfolio. There should be options to control that portfolio there instead of in the theme options.

    The portfolio won’t crop your images by default to keep the portfolio all exactly aligned. Its set to just shrink them down to the width and let the height adjust proportionally. To change this, open your functions.php in your theme files and look for:

    $avia_config['imgSize']['portfolio'] = array('width'=>448, 'height'=>330 ); // images for portfolio entries (2,3 column)

    Change it to:

    $avia_config['imgSize']['portfolio'] 		 	= array('width'=>448, 'height'=>330, 'crop'=>true);						// images for portfolio entries (2,3 column)

    Save the file then use this plugin to regenerate your thumbnails:

    I’ve sent an email to the head of support re the sorting issue and will update once I hear back.




    Hi Devin

    It’s been 3 weeks and i’m still waiting to hear about the reverse sorting issue on the portfolio page – please let me know when I can expect a response



    I am very sorry for the delay, entirely my fault. Overlooked your name in the list.

    1) to have a custom order to the portfolio when it loads up, please read my answer here which shows the plugin to use

    2) Your sorting option do not display since there is only 1 item in the portfolio. Please add a second item.

    3) I recommend you download this plugin – Simple Image Sizes plugin ( ) – which will allow you full control over your images right from the admin media page, as well as cropping them and regenerating them. since if you only change the number on the Media page, only new images will come out in the new size, the old one will have to be regenerated. the plugin will allow you to do that. Also when you upload images, there are a number of radio buttons which offer to dynamically crop images to different sizes. Make sure you are picking the size you want.

    I am not sure about your other questions, please provide a link to the specific page where the problem is taking place.




    This is pretty easy but I have been searching for hours and can’t figure it out.

    How do I add portfolios to a Page?



    nevermind I figured it out…!

    another thing: How do I remove the word HOME from my pages and header?



    Edit Appearance > Menu to remove the home menu. :)




    I tried under that page but there’s nothing there to change it. I updated my theme but still nothing…


    Hi dearlizzy,

    Try to open wp-contentthemeshabitatframeworkhelper_functionslots_of_small_helpers.php and find this line of code:

    echo "<li $current><a href='".get_settings('home')."'>Home</a></li>";

    Replace it with:

    //echo "<li $current><a href='".get_settings('home')."'>Home</a></li>";

    Hope this helps. :)



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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