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    Is there a way to add more than 1 image on a single portfolio item, so for example if I upload 10 images under one portfolio item, I can browse the images without the “next” button taking me to the next portfolio. I am using the 4 columns sortable template and want to have different galleries, but each gallery (portfolio item) to have more than 1 image.

    I hope this makes sense!

    Great theme, btw.



    You can use nextgen gallery: to achieve what you want. It’s not possible to upload multiple featured images with Avisio. Habitat offers this feature though…


    Thanks for the quick reply,

    When I use NextGen gallery, the image is loaded twice at the same time, by NGG and Avisio.

    Is there a way to implement that Habitat feature into Avisio. I know I’m asking too much, but at the time I don’t have money to buy another theme and Habitat is really what my client is asking for.

    Any help would be really appreciated,

    Warm regards.


    Just use prettyphoto as your nextgen lightbox.

    Go to your admin panel > Gallery (Nexgen options panel) > Options

    There you’ll see Tabs at the top: One tab is callled “effects”. Click on it.

    Now you select “custom” at Javascript Thumbnail effect and in the field below you write following:


    Now you can use prettyphoto with you nextgen gallery.

    Screenshot of the options page:

    That’s all I can offer to you. There are no plans to integrate the Habitat features into Avisio. I’m sorry.


    Your Dudnes,

    I have 10 dollars in ThemeForest left, I will be willing to give them to you if you help me with this problem.

    Sorry for being so straightforward, but I really like the theme and need your help.

    Please consider it.


    Sorry this modification is so complex that it would need some hours of work. Even if I would only need one hour 10 dollars wouldn’t be enough.



    If I buy the HABITAT theme, will you be willing to help me? If not, how much does your time cost to integrate that feature into Aviso?


    I can only provide “standard” support for Habitat theme. I think it will do what you want but check out the demo here:

    The integration of this function into Avisio would be too expensive as I can’t compete with themeforest prices.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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