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    I am attempting to SEO-optimize my Corona Theme site,, however the sitemap does not list any of my portfolio images as actual images. The site code lists the 3 images, but those are the “Related Post Images”




    How do I get portfolio images to be listed as images in the sitemap? Is this human error, SEO-sitemap issue or not an available portfolio feature?

    Thank You!


    Hi Trussell83,

    I believe this is something you can change in the plugin settings but not something that we can offer support on unfortunately.



    So I infer that they could/should show up. I will work this issue from the plugin side.




    What`s you plugin btw?

    If you you internal “Sitewmaps” setting of “SEO by Yoast” plugin, i suggest you to stop use it. Because in all the greatness of Yoast plugin (which i use all the time), it`s “sitemap” part seem to be quite buggy and miss a lot of flexibility and settings onto it. In other words – its crap.

    As for me, i use this combo: Yoas SEO (for SEO purpose, but with “Sitemaps” turned OFF) + “Google XML Sitemaps” plugins for the sitemps managing purpose.

    links are here:



    Unfortunetelly i can`t tell you if Portfolio will work on that combo. The reason here is that i dont use “Portfolio” on my website at all. But, im absolutelly sure that provided Sitemaps Plugin can “grab” 99% of your website into the actuall sitemap – if you configure it correctly (lots of settings there!!)

    Hope that will help ya!



    Ive just check the settings of my plugin. Well, as i`ve said i have nothing in my Portfolio, so its hard to test,

    but on the settings page of thea plugin, there is a “checkbox” menu:

    “Custom post types:

    (ONOFF) – Include custom post type Avia Framework

    (ONOFF) – IInclude custom post type Portfolio Items”

    So, at least, the plugin DID already “see” the portfolio items….

    Thats a good sign imho.


    I think you need to use at least 4.0 Beta of the sitemap plugin because previous version don’t support custom post types (= portfolio entries). To be honest I did not notice weird sitemap results with yoast yet but maybe it just occurs in certain, complex setups.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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